The DEI Leader Journey

For DEI Leaders (Directors and Managers) who are committed to doing the work and want to do so without feeling burnt out, stuck, or overburdened.

In the last 6 years, there has been an increase in organizations recognizing the need to hire DEI leadership internally. The problem?

They don’t know how to set these leaders up for success.

You may find yourself in this exact position, whether you were hired into the role as a DEI Director or Leader or perhaps were promoted into this role from another internal role. In either case, you are committed to doing a great job but are finding you aren’t sure where to start…and how to do the work in a way that doesn’t burn you out in the process.

How we can help: Over the course of our program, we focus on helping you build the D.E.I. infrastructure for your organization while simultaneously building a sustainability structure for YOU in this work. We know that it’s not just about being in the role that matters; it’s about leading DEI work in a way that honors you and changes the organization through the process.

You’ll learn:


How to develop a foundational D.E.I. infrastructure and strategy that can be embedded at the core across your organization.


Inclusive stakeholder engagement strategies that will help you drive the work across teams without all of the work becoming your responsibility.


How to design your own DEI development roadmap that includes your learning journey and how to sustain in this work.


How to have crucial conversations with an equity lens with senior leaders and managers in order to ensure there is meaningful leadership support and partnership.


How to create communication and sustainability plans that allow for you to be successful in DEI your role without burning out.

Hi, Dynasti here, and sitting in the role of CDO multiple times on senior leadership teams, I understand the exact role that you’re walking into.

The truth is, having to design, build, and collaborate across the organization to implement a foundational DEI infrastructure is not easy work. And while it can be done, the more systems and support you have for yourself, the more successful I believe you will be.

I’ve sat in your exact seat of navigating the complexities you face and wish I had a trusted partner in the work who could help me learn where to start, where to go next, and what not to forget.

And because of this, I created this program, with you in mind, so that you have a partner along the way who can help you navigate this journey and do so in a way where you don’t lose yourself in the process.

What we’ll focus on in The DEI Leader Journey:

 Phase 1: Build

Using our 5-step approach, learn how to build the foundational D.E.I. infrastructure needed for you and your organization to push this work forward, including guiding principles and a 3-year strategic plan

Phase 2: Commit

Develop strategies and an engagement plan for helping stakeholders commit to D.E.I. work without it all falling on you to execute on alone.

Phase 3: Reimagine

Develop strategic pillars and a clear roadmap for D.E.I. that meets the needs of your organization and your own vision for the work.

Phase 4: Sustain

Build out your own  3- year development and sustainability goals, in order to build a plan for how to stay engaged in the work, avoid burnout, and not lose your voice in the work.

Our Program Journey



Phase 1Assessment


Initial Self-Assessment

Live Practicum Spaces

Phase 2Learning

Module-Based Learning:

Each module includes pre-work, development exercises, tools and templates, and post-work

Peer Cohort Learning Experience

Phase 3Growth

Final Self-Assessment

Personalized Action Plan

Sustainability Coaching

What Makes Our Learning Spaces Unique

Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

Each intensive invites leaders to engage in learning sessions led by Expert Coaches that focus on key principles and then building action steps to apply as soon as they leave our learning space.

Executive Assessment and  Implementation Coaching

Each leader is provided with an individual self-assessment as well as coaching sessions to provide them with tailored support at key points.

Tailored Private Community 

Each intensive experiences its own tailored community, filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the intensive.

How to Enroll in Our Programs:

Choose Your Path

Review our pricing options  below and choose your path based on where your organization is and the level of partnership you’d like to have.

Complete Your Enrollment

Complete your enrollment by selecting your start date and completing our form to secure your participant spot.

Get on our 2023 Waitlist!


Start Your Onboarding

Start your onboarding to the program through our specialized launch process.


“The Community”

You’re looking for a program that you can complete  primarily on your own as a team but would love to engage in live group coaching calls where you can get your questions answered and learn from other peer organizations.


  • Monthly live group coaching calls
  • All training modules
  • All templates and resources
  • Access to our Shift Community



Your Investment: $6000

    “The Thought Partnership”

    You love the idea of a defined partnership and this means getting to work more closely with a dedicated partner in a 1:1 setting but don’t need a fully customized delivery approach to the program.

    Includes Everything in The Community PLUS:

    • Bi-weekly 1:1 implementation check-in calls (12 calls total) with Dynasti or another Consulting Partner for 6 months 


    Your Investment: $7500

      “I’d Love a Customized Delivery Program”

      You’re recognizing that multiple people on your team or within your organization would benefit from experiencing this learning space and you’d like to discuss a custom delivery approach for you and your peers.

      Please Note: We do not customize or change the content of our learning spaces. Instead, we partner with you to provide a custom delivery format that fits the needs of you and your team (must be at least 5 participants for this level).

      Your Investment: Custom Pricing Starts at $10,000

      Our Pricing Approach:

      We wholeheartedly believe that every organization should be committed to equity and inclusion work at its core and for us, this means ensuring that our pricing does not exclude any team. Therefore, all of our learning spaces offer different options for starting the journey with us, based on where and what works best for your organization.

      Other Frequently

      Asked Questions

      When does it begin and end?

      Beginning in March 2023, you will be able to enroll in any learning space at any time! Once enrolled, you will have access to the space for a full year.

      Can I apply for more than one cohort?

      Yes, absolutely, just not at the same time! Because our experiences are heavily centered on implementation work and not just learning frameworks, it’s important you are able to give your full attention to the cohort you are enrolled in. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in DEI or HR and also manage people, we will ask you to enroll in your functional area cohort first.

      Can I enroll my entire team into a cohort at the same time?

      Yes, as a customized cohort experience!  Email us at to learn more.

      Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

      You’ll have 12-month access to the entire program from your enrollment date.

      Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

      All participants should have access to the internet to be able to log in. We do provide closed captioning and transcripts for all videos as well as options for you to request other support to meet your accessibility needs.

      Do I get support, community, or access to you?

      It depends on the pathway experience you choose! All of our options include the group coaching space but only a few provide 1:1 coaching support.

      What is the time commitment per week?

      2-3 hours/week, which includes reviewing training modules, joining live coaching calls (each will be recorded so that you can watch immediately after) and time to actually complete the assignments being given.

      We encourage organizations to develop a support plan for participants so that they have enough time to complete the program in addition to their other business workload without pushed beyond capacity.

      What is the refund policy?

      There are no refunds for the accelerator once the agreement is signed.

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