BIPOC women face the most challenges when it comes to advancing in the workplace. 

We’re here to help.

Being one of the first or only women of color in the room can be one of the most challenging situations to face in the workplace. And as McKinsey reports in its Women in the Workplace report, it continues to suppress our own growth and potential, as ” women remain underrepresented across the corporate ladder and at every step of the corporate ladder, women of color lose ground to white women and men of color.”

Like everything else in life, it’s complex.

You’re grateful.
You’re proud.
You want to do a good job.

And yet you’re likely spending valuable energy on just reading the room, frequently navigating being you in tension with what is ” culture fit” , and listening to problematic conversations and having to decide whether this is the time for you to speak up, educate the people around you, or just simply do your job. 

This complexity can be maddening. 

It’s not simple. And there are no rules. And for most BIPOC women, there still isn’t enough guidance on what to do next.

We want to help change that. 

Dynasti here, and after being the first and only many times (on boards, leadership teams, at important meetings, and so on) I knew I needed to create something to support other women of color navigating these same waters.

The truth is, if you’re educating people, you should be paid for it.

If you’re not sure you’re being paid equitably, that needs to change. 

And if people are being ignorant and harmful to or around you, that needs to stop.

But we both know that navigating these shifts is not an easy feat. Our goal is to give you the tools and space to make it easier.


    That’s why, when BIPOC women enroll in The Shift to Inclusive Leadership  Program, they get full access to two additional months of coaching and training with us, for FREE in a program called tHrive, that will build upon the Inclusive Leader Training and address the unique challenges and opportunities you have as a woman of color.

    We’ll dive deep into topics including:


    How to unpack internalized racism and why it’s important to your success


    Owning your narrative so you’re not just in control, but in your personal power


    Discerning between imposter syndrome and racism


    Building your table to create opportunities for other BIPOC women as you progress


    The process of owning your power as you climb the corporate ladder

    Our Program Journey

    Phase 1Assessment


    Initial Assessment

    1:1 Executive Coaching

    Phase 2Learning

    Each module includes pre-work, development exercises, tools and templates, and post-work

    Live Peer Cohort Experience

    Phase 3Growth

    Final Assessment

    Personalized Action Plan

    1:1 Executive Coaching

    What Makes Our Learning Spaces Unique

    Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

    Each intensive invites leaders to engage in learning sessions led by Expert Coaches that focus on key principles and then building action steps to apply as soon as they leave our learning space.

    Executive Assessment and  Implementation Coaching

    Each leader is provided with an individual assessment as well as executive coaching sessions to provide them with tailored support at key points.

    Tailored Private Community 

    Each intensive experiences its own tailored community, filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the intensive.

    We believe we are a generation that can shift us from first and onlys to always and many.

    And while you may be alone in the workspace you find yourself in, you’re not alone in this battle.

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