Black Women In The Political System

Dec 1, 2020

Did you know that Black Women have the power to carry elections?

We certainly do and 2020 is the year that will push the Black Woman’s vote like never before. Today, we are going deep into the discussion around Black Women and America’s political system, from the insurmountable amount of scrutiny that Black Women in politics receive to the harmful impact of uninformed voting.

In this episode, we also discuss how Black Women have historically carried the vote of so many elections, the importance of voter education, and why we have a deep-rooted responsibility to show up and make our votes count – plus so much more.

Even though this episode is being released post-election, we still thought it was fitting to recognize and call out the significant burden that is put on black women in politics and during elections. 

“My vote counts so much more. Because I know that we can sway elections, I’ve seen us do it. I’ve seen Black Women do it. And that if I don’t go and you don’t vote, and all of our girls don’t vote, we’re in trouble.” – [7:29]

“Like anything else – learning about math and science – voting is a subject. It’s history. It’s politics, right? And I think once again, as a race when it comes down to voting, it’s like a black sheep topic.” – [8:28]

“I think with all the racial injustices that have occurred and the whole thing with COVID – this whirlwind of 2020 is really going to push our race to vote.” – [10:29]

Episode Highlights:

How Black Women are treated in the political system [1:13]

Why Black Women have the responsibility of carrying the election [7:29]

How 2020 will push the Black Women’s vote [10:29]

Why voters education is a privilege [15:00]

Taking time for self-care during and after the election [17:02]


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