To Catch a Falling Star: Why 9-Star Goals Matter in Your Fitness Journey

I used to think that if a set simple, small goals that I would be better off because I could easily achieve them, feel accomplished, and go about my day. But as I’ve grown in my fitness journey, I have recognized that by creating these small goals and not simultaneously connecting them to be a bigger goal, a broader vision, I was settling for mediocre results…and mediocre impact. So, I started developing fitness goals using a 9-Star Process and it led to me becoming an instructor, a coach, and mentor, in record time. 9-Star Goals pushed me to stop settling…and to stop creating comfortable goals.

I’m sure you’re now wondering: What in the world is a 9-Star Goal?

Don’t worry; I got you :)

A 9-Star Goal is a BIG Goal that you set to reflect what you want to achieve in your world over the next 3 years. I consider it a 9-Star Goal because it should be a goal that truly challenges you, forces you to think outside of your own box, and honestly scares you a little to even try and accomplish. This goal goes beyond the typical 5-stars and into the next level that you never even thought about and are now trying to achieve. This may seem a little far-fetched and not achievable.

Here’s the deal, though: you WILL accomplish it.

I’m going to share with you tools to be able to do so but first, you must create your 9-star goals.

Here’s a great example of how to build one. Say your goal is to be a Group Fitness Instructor.

·       A 3- Star Goal May Be: Become a Group Fitness Instructor at x Studio.

·       A 5- Star Goal May Be: Be Known as one of the Top Group Fitness Instructors in my City.

·       A 9- Star Goal Is: Be known nationally as one of the Best Group Fitness Instructors in the U.S. and asked to come and teach at National Events, Conferences, and have my own column in Vogue on teaching others how to live healthy.

See the Difference? Great! It’s time to build your own 9-Stars Goals!


Actions Speak Louder than Words: Take 5 minutes and draft one goal for each category below to outline your 9-Star Goal Plan. Once you’re done, grab my Priority Template and use it to break down your goals into tangible action lists for yourself!


Life Area

Your 9-Star Goal Statement