Separate Workouts Make Me a Better instructor

I have two trainers that I workout with weekly, in addition to the group fitness classes I teach. Clearly, I like to be in pain, right :)

I started working with Katelyn (Personal) and Will (Boxing) because I realized my teaching had gotten lazy. Straight up lazy, where I was using the same moves and same playlists and losing inspiration for putting on my mic to lead the class everyday. I was starting to lose the joy in teaching and recognized that I needed to do something to shake things up…I needed to be pushed and challenged. Originally, I thought, I’ll do this for a month and then I’ll have enough to sustain me . It’s almost a year later and I can’t imagine not having them pushing me to my next level.

Why have your own workouts as an instructor and/or trainer? Well, the first many would say is obvious but in my opinion, it’s the hardest to remember: Your Class is NOT your workout. When we are training others, our primary focuses should be to motivate, inspire, and keep our clients safe…not to show them how many more jump squats we can do than them. (Trust me, I’ve seen a lot in classes and no one really wants to be competing with the instructor in the room…not as fun as you might think it would be!).

So what does this means for us?

Intentionally planning workouts that allow for you to stay in shape, build your own muscle and capacity for teaching, and give you inspiration for your own classes. I’ve learned some of my best techniques through experiencing other classes and have learned that it’s part of my homework…to never stop being the student.

Whether it’s planning a weekly home workout session to practice your own class (more on this coming!), getting your own trainer, or committing to taking a class or two or week….be the student too. Your workouts will not only help you grow physically…they will help you grow stronger as an instructor too.

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Ready to take your own teaching to the next level and would love to have a coach to help you build your fitness instructor strategy? Drop me a note and let’s chat!