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Why Overcomplicated Choreography is Ruining Your Fitness Class

We’ve all been in them, right?? The class where you just couldn’t quite keep up, where in a span of less than 3 minutes, more than 15 moves were thrown at you and not in a progressive way either. I’m talking squat to plank to bicep curl to single leg deadlifts and you were wondering whether the sweat you were producing was from the really great workout…or simply just trying to keep up with the instructor.

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The Power of the P: 'Leveling Up' Your Playlists

Music can make or your break your group fitness class.

There i’ve said it. Now, you can have the next 24-hours to debate me on this, to try and tell me that this is an opinion but not a fact, but in my humble opinion….it’s a fact and I won’t change my mind on this! :) I’ve been to way too many classes as a student and taught way too many classes to know what takes a class to the next level…and while your incredible instruction techniques definitely add value, it’s your playlist that people will remember and respond the quickest too. L

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