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Simon Says.... Stop Body Shape Cueing in Your Class

But in all of our work, especially in a group fitness class, it’s important that we do not place our own desires (or insecurities) onto our class. We must learn to be inclusive and treat every body type as a healthy, beautiful body type, because IT IS. And when we cue our students to think certain parts of their body aren’t beautiful, we can impact their own personal body image and their confidence internally and externally.

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In Order to be Culturally Aware...You First Have to Be Aware.

The article made several generalizations on Black Women and how we approach our health, opinions on BMI, and how we should be treated in order to feel included. We are NOT all the same; we do not all have the same opinions nor do we want to be treated the same. We are individuals with varying cultural experiences and perspectives and to be encourage cultural awareness activities that do NOT acknowledge this is a critical missing piece that should not have been overlooked.

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Saying Yes to Your Own Story

The truth is your personal brand is not necessarily about the words you use; instead, your brand is best built with your own personal story and your willingness to dig a level deeper and share the stories that truly have shaped who you are, the stories that the average person would never know at first glance. It’s about recognizing that your story doesn’t have to have a certain level of achievement or drama to resonate with other

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