A Morning Routine That Honors You

It’s 11:00am and you’re in the middle of a meeting but you’re not actually sure what’s next after this. You hope its lunch because you woke up incredibly late, didn’t have time to eat breakfast much less kiss your partner goodbye, and you are already stressed because you just realized that big deliverable for your client…is supposed to be sent to them by midnight. You haven’t got a plan for the rest of the day and now you’re just hoping to get through this one unscarred because let’s face it: it’s already downhill from here.


Is this you? Yes, this was definitely me a few years ago! I swore to never be one of those people who would have a “morning routine” because in my mind, I didn’t need one. But day after day of feeling chaotic, stressed, and not knowing what’s coming next, I realized: it’s because I’m not starting off my day setting up for success. Well, this realization and the statistics I kept coming across that showed the most successful leaders have a set morning routine. Y’all, I wanted to be successful. I know if you’re reading this, you want to be successful too. So, let’s talk about things you can incorporate into a morning routine that will take you less than 15 minutes each day to complete:


·       (5 Minutes) Morning Reflection and Prioritization: Take time to reflect on the day before, celebrating the 1-3 things that went well and then reflect on the day ahead, reflecting on the 1-3 things that you will prioritize to make your day successful. And don’t choose the small stuff; choose the biggest hurdle you need to tackle to help you reach your goals list this as number one. This is also a great time to complete some I am statements that end in a positive affirmation, such as I am Happy. I am Excited. I am a Badass. Write down 3-5 of these, take a picture of them, and during any difficult moment in the day, pull out that picture and remember who you are.


Pro Tip: I use the Daily Greatness Journal for my morning reflection but a plain journal works too. Just try to not use your phone so that you don’t get distracted by social media.


·    (5 Minutes) Morning Reading: Find a book that inspires you each month and then commit to reading it by reading one-chapter each day. This allows for you to feel accomplished, inspired, and you’re sneaking in some learning which is another successful habit leaders incorporate into their daily routine. If you ever looking for inspiration on what to read next, check out my Reading List to give you a jump start!


·       (3 Minutes) Morning Movement: If you’re a morning person, great, go take a class instead! But for those of us who don’t workout until after Happy Hour, doing a few stretches, jumping jacks, or other quick movements allows for your blood to start flowing and your brain to wake up to the stimuli you are feeding it.


·       (2 Minutes) Morning Prayer/Meditation: This can also be extended for longer too, if you’d like, of course; the intent here is to give you additional space and time to close your eyes, press out all of the outside world…and give thanks. Those are tons of mediation and prayer apps out there if this helps to have a more guided way to do this.


15 Minutes and You’re Done!

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Take a few minutes and download my Morning Routine Checklist to help you build your routine and then for next 7 days, put your routine into practice. Comment below and let me know if it helps you start off your day feeling successful….like the successful person I know you already are!