Dear Fitness Leader: You Deserve to Rest Too

This morning, my trainer sent me home from my weekly workout.

And rightfully so, y’all. She could tell that I was sick but what I didn’t tell her was that I had been up since 2am, not feeling well at all and had gotten no sleep in addition to my body being tired. She looked at me and sent me home and while I am always grateful for her, I couldn’t have been more grateful to her in that moment because I needed the reminder: Dynasti, you deserve to rest too.

As Fitness Professionals, I think I can speak for many when I say that few things pain us more in our work than having to cancel on our clients because we are sick. Because we are exhausted and tired. Or simply, because we need a moment to pour back into ourselves instead of letting more be stripped away. I heard someone say once that it’s because we don’t want to miss out on the money (eye roll). Money is necessary for anyone to live and have the basic life necessities but that is NOT why cancelling brings us pain. It brings us pain because we are the Fitness Leader in the relationship. We are expected to show up no matter what and give you all of us…but we are never supposed to get sick. We are never supposed to be tired. We are never supposed to “ have a moment”. And the truth is that’s just not true; just like celebrities….

we are still Human.

And it’s important that WE as professionals recognize this and treat ourselves accordingly. We can’t give our best when we are sick, when we continue to teach ignoring that injury that could turn into something long-term that we NEVER recover from, we can’t ignore when we are having tough personal moments.

We have to practice what we teach and take care of ourselves in the exact way we would want our students to do for themselves.

3 Small Things You Can Do To Take Care of Yourself:

  • Evaluate Your Schedule: Is saying yes to every client’s training time, every new opening to teach a class interrupting precious time that you could be resting, healing, or just rejuvenating yourself? Take a look at the points of your schedule that are draining your joy and take action on what you can do to take your joy back…even if it means a shift in schedule for a client on the receiving in.

  • Listen To Your Body: Is your body saying you need rest? Are you feeling an area of your body start to feel pain and you are continuing to ignore it? Stop, schedule an appointment and go check on you. I’ve seen WAY too many instructors not be able to teach for much longer than they wanted because they didn’t go address something when they should have.

  • Evaluate Who and What is Around You: I am very grateful for Katelyn and Will, my two trainers, who remind me as a Fitness Professional to Be Humble, Sit Down, when I am doing the most and headed for a personal crash. I am also grateful because they give me moments to pour back into myself so that I can feel rejuvenated, re-centered, and ready to give more. Look, it is true that you can wake up and find yourself in an uneasy space if you are allowing yourself to be involved in and with things that constantly take from you. Make sure that your outside of fitness activities are bringing you back to you…instead of taking you further away from who you are.

This weekend, remember this: You matter just as much as your clients do. Practice what you teach and take time, unapologetically, for all that you need. It will help you grow and be a better you when you are back at center fitness stage:)

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