Your Future Badass Instructor is In the Back Row.

The strategy in a Group Fitness for Me? Get There Early So I Can Get a Spot in the Row.

Is this you? Even if it isn’t, please just nod and say yes anyways so that I don’t feel alone. Seriously, though, this is my SPOT! Anytime I take a class, I love being in the back row because from this position I am able to observe everything, from how the other clients are responding to the class to how well the instructor owns the room. Truthfully, though, it also helps me from being that if I want to take it a little easy during the ab work, I’m in the best position. I was taking classes in the back row of my studio when I proactively auditioned to teach. And the truth is, if I had never raised my hand, my studio may have never seen that I had the potential to do more than just take a spot on the class roster.

I’ve gotten the opportunities to support the recruitment of group fitness instructors and I’ve noticed that studios, large, boutique, or independent are constantly looking for their next team of instructors to come from people who are taking their class. It’s a smart strategy, quite frankly, and if you’re new to recruiting fitness leaders, it should be at the top of your list. Why? The individual is already familiar with your class format, has displayed that they are able to show impeccable form, and they can crush the class. But yet, every studio that I know of is constantly hiring for new instructors and struggling to build a high-quality candidate pool. Why? Well, there are many reasons but for now, let’s focus on this one: we are missing the quality in our back rows.

What does this even mean? Our instructors see the folks in the front row and think these are the folks who are ready to work and who have the most potential. And while there are ready to work, there are equally those who are in the middle and the back rows that we miss because we are so busy watching what’s right in front of us. We forget that some of our most talented fitness leaders may struggle to get to class on time (coughs) and therefore, couldn’t get a front spot. We miss that maybe we are there to learn and observe too and are just waiting for someone to recognize our potential and ask us to audition. Maybe we just like the back row. No matter what it’s important that we don’t miss the potential in all of our clients and not just the ones in the front row.

The next time you are looking for new talent, hop into your class, place yourself in the back row and simultaneously sweat and watch. You may find there are more hidden gems just waiting to unleash all of their potential…..and are ready to move from the back to the front of the room.

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