The Shift Accelerator

Our signature program combines a hybrid approach of live coaching, on-demand training, and tailored support for your organization in order to push you past the beginning stages of building your D.E.I. infrastructure and into a position to build transformational equity practices that lead to real change for your business & team.

Starting with a customized equity assessment to help you begin to implement a 3- year, strategic D.E.I. plan, you’ll learn the tools needed to embed inclusive, equitable strategies and approaches into your core business functions.

Effective leadership isn’t just about the results your team produces, it’s about the experience your team is having.

You’re likely here because you value antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion but making sure your team is experiencing these things is more complex in practice than on paper.

You’re ready to commit to making shifts but need a solid foundation and full plan that will guide you along the way.

And, your organization doesn’t have a dedicated ADEI department to lead this work and if someone has stepped up to “lead,” they haven’t actually built or implemented a full ADEI strategy… nor do they have capacity to do it alone.

Good news: you are not alone.

Better news: you’re in the right place.

Inside the Accelerator, you’ll:


Develop the foundational vision and guiding principles for ADEI work aligned with your organization’s mission


Establish systems to monitor progress for ADEI work


Create up to date ADEI priorities aligned with your business strategy so everyone understands what we’re doing and why


Develop a 3-year ADEI strategy and implementation plan that is aligned to your broader organizational strategy


Set up your ADEI onboarding process so new hires can seamlessly step aboard and get up to speed to continue this work with you


Design a core DEI education and accountability plan that will help all team members across your organization begin to embed inclusive practices in their daily work.

I’m Dynasti Hunt, Creator of The Shift Accelerator and I’m here to support you in creating sustainable change without needing the indefinite support of a consultant.

After sitting in the CDO seat and leading the implementation of a full program from design to foundational launch, I decided to take all of my knowledge and teach it to organizations. The Accelerator is designed to support an organization directly in building the foundational ADEI infrastructure needed to move forward in the work in a collective way.

    Imagine after 12 months in the Accelerator, shifting to….

    Your leadership team, council, and managers across the organization have a connected vision for equity work and how to move forward in shifting your team culture.


    You know how to create and launch an implementation plan that is connected to your organization's strategy... and leads to real change.

    Leaders across your organization are clear on the foundational strategic for DEI and how to execute on it.

    You can seamlessly onboard new team members to your organization's DEI journey.

    You know exactly where the inequities are in your organization and strategies to begin addressing them.

    You have learned approaches for how to center marginalized voices in your overarching DEI work without causing increased harm.

    Your entire team has a foundational understanding of what it means for you to be an anti-racist organization and can train new team members on it.

    You know how to sustain in embedding D.E.I. principles into your organization without feeling stuck.

    What’s included in this DEI Accelerator:

    Phase 1: Explore

    Understand the strengths and gaps of your organization through our equity assessment while exploring and digging deeper into your own anti-racist journey, personally and professionally.

    Note: If you have already completed an equity assessment or audit, we’ll review this data and move quicker into phase 2.

    Phase 2: Examine

    Examine the roots behind the inequities and harmful experiences that exist within your organization in order to understand what needs to be dismantled at the institutional level and why it continues to persist in the first place.

    Phase 3: Reimagine

    Define and design your organization’s ADEI vision, guiding principles, and shared definitions in order to ensure your entire team has a common understanding of your approach to this work and why.

    Phase 4: Build

    Build out your 3- year strategic goals, implementation plan, and measurement goals in order to ensure you have a clear plan of how ADEI work will come to life across your organization, instead of just existing on a sheet of paper.

    What we’ll complete in our year together:


    Completed DEI assessment provided by our team to your entire organization.


    Finalized organizational DEI vision statement and guiding principles that guide your core work.


    A 3- year strategic DEI plan that aligns with your organizational strategy.


    A 3- year implementation plan for your identified strategic priorities.


    DEI onboarding module that can be used to engage new team members immediately in the work.


    Templates for DEI Education Plans, Communication Strategy, and Sustainability Planning.


    Monthly, live group coaching calls as well access to on-demand sessions and resources.

    Our Program Journey

    Phase 1Assessment


    Initial Equity Assessment

    Group Coaching and Training

    Phase 2Learning

    Module learning: Each phase contains multiple modules that include pre-work,  tools, and templates to complete for review and feedback, and post-work.

    Peer Cohort Learning Experiences

    Phases 3 & 4Growth

    Final Post-Assessment

    Personalized Action Plan

    Sustainability Coaching and Support

    What Makes Our Learning Spaces Unique

    Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

    Modules are designed and led by Expert Coaches that focus on teaching real-life application of our frameworks that participants can apply as soon as they complete each module.

    Executive Assessment and  Implementation Coaching

    Each participating organization is provided with group coaching spaces to provide them with tailored support at key points in their journey.

    Tailored Private Community 

    Our private community is filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the learning space experience.

    How to Enroll in Our Programs:

    Choose Your Path

    Review our partnership paths below and choose based on where your organization is and the level of support you’d like to have.

    Complete Your Enrollment

    Complete our enrollment form to secure your participant spot.

    Get on our March 2023 Interest List!

    Start Your Onboarding

    Start your onboarding to the program through our specialized launch process.


    “The Community”

    You’re looking for a program that you can complete  primarily on your own as a team but would love to engage in live group coaching calls where you can get your questions answered and learn from other peer organizations.


    • Up to 5 participants at the same price
    • Monthly live group coaching calls
    • All training modules
    • All templates and resources
    • Access to our Shift Community
    • Monthly live group coaching calls


    Your Investment: $1000/month for 12 months

    “The Thought Partnership”

    You love the idea of a defined partnership and this means getting to work more closely with a dedicated partner in a 1:1 setting but don’t need a fully customized delivery approach to the program.

    Includes Everything in The Community PLUS:

    • Monthly  1:1 implementation check-in calls (12 calls total, including 6 calls once the initial program ends) with Dynasti or another Consulting Partner for one year
    • Up to 5 participants from your organization can participate in the full program at no additional price


    Your Investment: $1300/month for 12 months

    “The Custom Partner”

    You’re recognizing that multiple people on your team or within your organization would benefit from experiencing this learning space and you’d like to discuss a custom delivery approach for you and your peers.

    Please Note: We do not customize or change the content of our learning spaces. Instead, we partner with you to provide a custom delivery format that fits the needs of you and your team (must be at least 8 participants for this level).

    Your Investment: Custom Pricing Starts at $25,000

    A Note on Our Pricing Approach:

    We wholeheartedly believe that every organization should be committed to equity and inclusion work at its core and for us, this means ensuring that our pricing does not exclude any team. Therefore, all of our learning spaces offer different options for starting the journey with us (see above), based on where and what works best for your organization.

    Other Frequently

    Asked Questions

    When does it begin and end?

    Beginning in March 2023, you will be able to enroll in any learning space at any time! Once enrolled, you will have access to the space for a full year.

    Can I participate in multiple learning spaces?

    Yes, absolutely, just not at the same time! Because our experiences are heavily centered on implementation work and not just learning frameworks, it’s important you are able to give your full attention to the space you are enrolled in. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in DEI or HR and also manage people, we will ask you to enroll in your functional area cohort first

    Can I enroll my entire team into a cohort at the same time?

    Yes, as a customized cohort experience!  Email us at to learn more.

    Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

    You’ll have 12-month access to the entire program from your enrollment date.

    Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

    All participants should have access to the internet to be able to log in. We do provide closed captioning and transcripts for all videos as well as options for you to request other support to meet your accessibility needs.

    Do I get support, community, or access to you?

    It depends on the pathway experience you choose! All of our options include the group coaching space but only a few provide 1:1 coaching support.

    What is the time commitment per week?

    2-3 hours/week, which includes reviewing training modules, joining live coaching calls (each will be recorded so that you can watch immediately after) and time to actually complete the assignments being given.

    We encourage organizations to develop a support plan for participants so that they have enough time to complete the program in addition to their other business workload without pushed beyond capacity.

    What is the refund policy?

    There are no refunds for the accelerator once the agreement is signed.

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