The Shift to Equity

DEI Business Accelerator

Build transformational, anti-racist D.E.I. business practices for your organization in one year. This is our only offer that combines training, coaching, community, consulting, and custom access and support along the way.


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March 7, 2022, June 6, 2022, September 12, 2022

You’re stuck figuring out what’s next for your company’s A.D.E.I. journey…

You and your team have done all of the ” first steps” you’ve watched other organizations do:

  • You’ve made a public statement, committing to being an inclusive, anti-racist organization
  • Team members have formed D.E.I. Councils and Employee Resource Groups, having identified the need for their own spaces to connect, reflect, learn, and grow
  • You’ve engaged in foundational trainings like unconscious bias training, and even made a few small changes to structures in your business, such as your hiring practices in hopes of attracting a more diverse set of candidates

And yet, you are sitting here today feeling like all of that work has led to minimal progress and changes across your organization without any real impact.

It seems like you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy to become a more equitable and inclusive organization but right now, it only feels like a bunch of different people and teams not moving in the same direction while marginalized staff continue to push for the real change that that’s been talked about but they have yet to experience.

You are doing good, busy D.E.I. work…but not a lot of intentional, transformational equity work.

    Does any of this sound familiar?


    Recognizing that the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement your organization created a year or more ago isn't leading to real change but have no idea what to do next from here outside of establishing new recruitment strategies.


    Frustrated that it seems like a lot of D.E.I. work has been happening...and yet, the D.E.I. council isn't in sync with your leadership team, your strategic plan isn't equity centered, and your leadership team has a completely different vision for D.E.I. work than the team.


    Signing up for trainings & webinars hoping that one of them will push your team beyond foundational A.D.E.I. definitions and into real conversations about anti-racism, power, privilege, gatekeeping, and equity-centered behaviors.


    Exhausted spending money on single organization-wide trainings that don't result in transformational and inclusive shifts to your core business systems and practices.


    Realizing that you want to get beyond " corporate D.E.I. practices" and build an organization that is inclusive, anti-racist, equitable, and accessible to all while actively centering the voices of marginalized groups in your organization.

    If any of these statements have you saying to yourself “Yes, that’s us!”-  keep reading, you’re in the right place!


     You jumped right with your team writing Anti-Racist commitment statements, signing up for foundational trainings, collectively absorbing all of the resources you come across, launching employee resource groups, and making commitments to do more than just be a bystander. But somewhere along the way, you’ve gotten lost, launched so many things that weren’t connected and are now are struggling to figure out where to go next. You’re likely also wondering: Is this common in this work?


    The answer is YES.

    And we’ve designed a space to help you get past the unknown and into one that intentionally elevates your equity work that is connected to your business’s strategy, values, and practices.

    The Accelerator

    Our one-year program combines a hybrid approach of live coaching & learning spaces, on-demand training, and customized support for your organization in order to push you past the beginning stages of equity work and into a position to  build transformational equity practices that lead to real change for your business & team.

    Starting with a customized equity assessment to helping you begin to implement a 3- year, strategic D.E.I. plan, you’ll learn the tools needed to embed inclusive, equitable strategies and approaches into your core business functions.

    This is our only offer that combines training, coaching, community, consulting, and custom access and support along the way

    And yes, we call it ” The Shift”!  Here’s why:

    Imagine after 12 months in the Accelerator, shifting to….

    Your leadership team, council, and managers across the organization have a connected vision for equity work and how to move forward in shifting your team culture.


    You know how to create and launch an implementation plan that is connected to your organization's strategy... and leads to real change.

    Your leadership team understands their role in leading an equity-centered organization and how to set the stage for building inclusive leader practices.

    Your organization feels more safe, equitable, and inclusive to everyone.

    You know exactly where the inequities are in your organization and strategies to begin addressing them.

    You have learned approaches for how to center marginalized voices in the work without causing increased harm.

    Your entire team has a foundational understanding of what it means for you to be an anti-racist organization and can train new team members on it.

    You know how to sustain in embedding D.E.I. principles into your organization without feeling stuck.

    What would it mean to implement equity and inclusion practices that dismantle systemic inequity, shift your institution for the better, and change the way we create inclusive workplaces?

      “Our company went through Dynasti Hunt’s Equity Accelerator and it gave us such a strong framework to explore how we can build a better business, that’s inclusive and equitable.

      Everyone on the team was able to go through the materials, gain insights, and explore the topics each week. We experienced ah-ha moments, had uncomfortable discussions in a safe space, and learned so much.

      Most importantly, we’re starting to implement and take action on the things that we learned in the Equity Accelerator, and we’re engaging in more focus groups and discussions with our clients and team members directly.

      We’ve stopped making as many assumptions and we’re starting to ask more questions before we act. The Accelerator is going to have a lasting impact on our company, culture, and product.

      I highly recommend Dynasti’s approach and programs, you won’t find anyone as caring or tapped into what matters for small businesses who want to build anti-racist equitable organizations.”

      Nathalie Lussier

      Founder at

      What’s included in this DEI Accelerator:

      Access to our 1-year program and learning spaces for 8 organization participants

      Each organization will select up to 8 participants to participate in the full year of trainings, coaching, and direct support from our team. Each learning space also provides your team with access to additional trainings, tools, and templates that your team can customize for your business.

      A completed Organizational Equity Assessment (+ survey focus groups)

      We’ll lead your though an equity assessment, a process that helps us identify key inequities experienced by team members in your organization whole providing you  additional insight into your org’s overall D.E.I. strengths and gaps. And yes, we lead the assessment for you and prepare a summary of these results for you and your team!

      Live group training & coaching sessions with Dynasti & other expert coaches

      Live group coaching sessions are held for all participants  where you can bring any of your questions, ideas, and hurdles to the space for feedback and support. We recognize that as you go through this journey that new things will arise and evolve and we want to be your partner throughout your experience with us. We want you to leave the full year with us feeling that you can internally carry the work forward with your team instead of leaning on external support.

      Weekly review and feedback on your work

      Each week, your team will have the opportunity to submit your work  to our team for review and feedback. This allows for us to be co-creators and collaborators in your equity journey, from helping you develop tools that are custom for your organization while simultaneously giving you actionable feedback you can implement immediately.

      Eight individual organization check-in sessions with your organization’s coach

      Each organization is assigned a coach who you’ll have a chance to check in directly with up to 8 times over the course of your year (in addition to group coaching and feedback reviews). We have identified specific points as you progress through each phase of the work, get additional feedback on ways to make progress, and work through any barriers you are facing in the work.

      Learning spaces for your leadership team

      We recognize the importance of shared learning and knowledge across your team so we provide optional learning spaces for your leadership team and up to 10 members of your team to attend….and yes, this is in addition to the full year of training your 5 core participants receive!

      Our intent is to provide a core group of your organization with the skills and knowledge and carry this work well beyond a year with us.

      Here’s what you’ll leave with:

      • Completed Equity Assessment (Survey+ Focus Groups)
      • Completed Organizational Commitment Statement, Guiding Principles and Shared Definitions
      • 3-Year Strategic Goals
      • 3-Year Implementation Plan
      • Implementation Support for 1- 3 Goals
      • Organizational Learning Plan and Onboarding Module
      • A.D.E.I. Council Support
      • 12 Core Training Modules for all Participants
      • 30 Group Coaching and Community Spaces
      • 8 Organization Consulting Sessions

      Phase 1: Explore

      Understand the strengths and gaps of your organization through our equity assessment while exploring and digging deeper into your own anti-racist journey, personally and professionally.

      Note: If you have already completed an equity assessment or audit, we’ll review this data and move quicker into phase 2 of the work.

      Phase 2: Examine

      Examine the roots behind the inequities and harmful experiences that exist within your organization in order to understand what needs to be dismantled at the institutional level and why it continues to persist in the first place.



      Phase 3: Reimagine

      Design implementation plans and approaches ensuring that the voices that have been historically marginalized and impacted are centered in your work. We also take time in this space to ensure equity work is embedded in your core business strategy and not just an afterthought.

      Phase 4: Implement

      Without being too redundant here, implement your implementation plans. This space gives you real-time practice to test, measure, and get feedback on what you’re working on to shift your organization with the support of coaches as collaborative partners along the way.

      And there’s an application process? Yes. Here’s why:

      • It’s a great way for us to get to know you and your business early on!
      • It gives us a chance to make sure the Accelerator program will actually be beneficial to you and is the right next step for your organization! We never want to waste anyone’s time and that definitely means yours.
      • It gives us the opportunity to understand where you are in your business’s D.E.I. journey and make sure the learning experiences and content is tailored to what your team needs (again, no wasting time!).
      • Did we say we really like getting to know you? Because we really do!

      And yes, only one application needs to be submitted per organization. 

      Easy enough, right? Complete the application below!

      Who is the Accelerator right for?

      • You’re just beginning the work of D.E.I. in your organization and unclear where to start in building the foundation that will lead to the transformational change you are looking for.

      • You’ve started your organization’s D.E.I. journey and have created a commitment statement, engaged in some training, and even made a few changes to your recruitment strategy but aren’t sure where to go from here…and how this work leads to actual change for all, especially Black and Brown people.
      • You’re part of a council or committee who is ready to take the work beyond foundational practices but are finding yourself stuck in how to integrate your group’s work into the organizational strategy and ensure everyone is moving in the same direction.

      • You’re a D.E.I. Leader who is committed to D.E.I. work and ready to build an anti-racist, transformational function and set of business practices for your entire organization & team that matter to your team.

        Who we work with:

        Our work with organizations spans across a diverse set of industries, with 50% of our clients operating in the non-profit space and the other 50% in the for-profit space. Some examples of our work and impact include:


        Completed equity assessment for an EdTech organization which then led to  work expanded into coaching for the leadership team, restricting and relaunch of the organization’s D.E.I. Council as well as partnership to support the implementation plan of key recommendations named in the audit, including performance evaluation design, and restructuring of competency model.


        Completed customized training for an Education non-profit including  unpacking hiring biases, privilege, and power to a global retailer which  led into supporting the development of a strategic D.E.I. implementation plan within the organization, new talent development systems as well as support and focus groups for multiple affiliate locations


          Completed and held focus groups and town halls  for a Financial Services team to support various Employee Resource Groups, which led into a launch of leadership team coaching, supporting team through the hiring of D.E.I. Manager and ongoing work with current D.E.I. team on implementation plan.

          Before you apply…

          Often times in this work, we receive this question:

           “What specific changes will you guarantee my organization?”

          Our response, always, is this: We don’t guarantee anything.

          While we ARE clear about the shared knowledge you’ll gain, the tools, systems, and structures that you’ll implement and the process you’ll be able to embed across your organization beyond your year with us, we can’t guarantee you that your company will change.

          This is up to you.

          We can’t promise you’ll see certain metrics change after one year.

          This depends on you.

          And it would be irresponsible for us to not name that equity and inclusion work is not work that you can just implement after one -year and then you’re done. It requires a lifelong commitment of unlearning, relearning, testing, learning, failing, and trying again. It requires your behaviors and mindset to change. It requires your team to change.

          This does not magically happen in one year.

          Instead, what you are committing to is the journey of investing in this lifelong commitment in a way that you can sustain long-term, for your business and your team.

          Consider ourselves your guides for a year in that journey, here to spend the next 12 months right alongside you, making sure that you are ready to lead that work internally beyond our engagement.

          It’s time to shift.

          You’re tired of trying to figure out on your own how to build your D.E.I. business function.

          It’s frustrating watching other organizations share how they’ve been progressing in their own journey and you’re constantly wondering what do they know that I don’t? What approach are they using that’s leading to meaningful change?

          You’re feeling the impact of not having a function that leads to transformation change in your revenue, team retention, and team culture goals.

          Let’s change this by submitting your application now.

          Other Frequently

          Asked Questions

          When does it begin and end?

          While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, we strongly urge applicants to apply immediately as varying bonuses are not always offered throughout the year.

          Can I join if I am a Business of One Individual?

          Yes, absolutely, although we believe the program is most beneficial for those that have a minimum of 5 people on their team so that you can benefit from every module. One thing that is uniquely different if you have a team of 5 or less is that we provide you with the tools to complete an equity assessment with an external focus group so that you can get feedback from your audience.

          Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

          You’ll have 12-month access to the entire program from your enrollment date.

          What is our investment?

          Once you’ve completed our application, we’ll reach out to connect and share all of the details of the program including your investment. We do offer accelerator pricing based on the total number of team members in your organization and therefore, would love to see your application first so that we can make sure we are sharing the right details with you!

          What is the time commitment per week?

          3-5 hours/week, which includes reviewing training modules, joining live coaching calls (each will be recorded so that you can watch immediately after) and time to actually complete the assignments being given. This accelerator is about doing work so we’ll be asking you to submit your documents for feedback and review along the way.

          We encourage organizations to develop a support plan for accelerator participants so that they have enough time to complete the program in addition to their other business workload without pushed beyond capacity.

          Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

          All participants should have access to the internet to be able to log-in.

          Do I get support, community, or access to you?

          Yes, through our weekly live group coaching calls, you’ll get access to myself and other expert coaches guiding you in this journey. And yes, that means 52 weeks of support!

          What is the refund policy?

          There are no refunds for the accelerator once the agreement is signed.

          What’s the difference between this program and other offerings you have?

          This program is our signature program and provides a full year of programming in support of building your entire DEI function.

          The DEI Council Intensive is focused solely on the formation and build of the council and is provided for a 6-month period.

          The Shift Foundational Couse is an on-demand course that does not include group coaching, tools, templates, and access to our team.

          You might be thinking,

          “This all sounds great but…”

          “We’ve already started some of this work.”

          That’s great and that means you’ll be able to jump right into some of the modules that help you to move from a statement to a full strategic plan. Often times though, we find that organizations who’ve started this work even 3 or 4 years ago are often in a place of feeling stuck and our program helps to address and remove barriers in their way.

          “We can’t afford to invest in Equity work right now.”

          Every business strategy that is a priority requires investment, often of time and money. If you’re truly ready for the shift, you’ll want to think about what investment are you willing to start with and how can a program that covers D.E.I. strategy, core business design, and training all in one be the starting place for your shift.

          “Our whole team needs training in this work though versus a core group.”

          The Accelerator is designed to provide core knowledge as well as facilitation training and workshop templates to the program participants so that they can provide internal training to others on your team.  Some teams also choose to purchase an organizational license to our foundational course, The Shift, to support the learning of team members not participating directly in the Accelerator.

          We recognize this work isn’t easy or can be done overnight.

          And we’re not here either to tell you that it gets easier either. Living out anti-racist behaviors professionally (and personally!)  is lifetime work that requires each of us to get committed and stay committed. If you are looking for a quick solution, we would be wrong to tell you to join us for The Accelerator because there is no one right solution.

          We recognize though that while there may not be a quick solution, there are clear, concrete places you can start. We are here to help do just that: start. Or if you’re in a place where you actually did start and then aren’t sure where to go next, The Accelerator is your place to begin again.

          We do this work because even though it’s not easy, we know what’s even harder is to be a marginalized individual who feels that they cannot have an equitable and inclusive experience at work. We know what it’s like to show up daily to be a space where you are continuously excluded based on the visible assumptions one has about you. We know what it’s like to want to get beyond cookie cutter D.E.I. programs and do work that leads to real change.

          It’s time to do the work.

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