The place where individuals, team members, leaders, and entrepreneurs can learn how to build, design, and create anti-racist workplaces.

Important: This community is 100% free, but if you would like to monetarily support the work I’m doing and the education you’re receiving, you can choose to join us at the $10/month option. There is no difference in what you have access to or receive inside the membership.

Here’s the thing…

You’ve already made up your mind that now is the time to shift how you approach the words diversity, equity, and inclusion, and you know that it’s not enough to say you won’t be racist in your work but instead that you need to be anti-racist.

Imagine seeing real change happen within your organization because of the tools, resources, and support you are given directly.

You are learning what that means for yourself personally but are having trouble understanding how to apply these same principles to the organization you work in or for some of you, your team, or workplace.

Imagine having a community with an intentional learning space that teaches you how to get beyond theory and into action with becoming anti-racist in how you work and the organization you work for.

You know that doing this work is a journey but you’d love to have concrete action plans and guides to help you along the journey.

Imagine a space to be able to share wins and challenges along your journey and get real-time coaching for how to move forward and keep going.

The road to a racial equitable workplace is not impossible to realize. But amongst all of the books, articles, and links, it’s been hard to not only figure out where to start but more important, how to actually address what’s inequitable today. As a member, you’ll become a part of a space ready to bring what you’ve imagined to life in a tangible way.

…so, how exactly can we support you and your workplace?

It’s a great question! Think of us like your ongoing learning roadmap to help you create a clear step-by-step path for not only learning what it means to achieve racial equity through intentional work, changes, and teamwork.

You see, we recognize that doing racial equity work at work is not just about quickly hiring a few new diverse new team members, putting together a council, and then writing a statement.

This work will require you to examine yourself, your business, and your business’s culture and practices from the inside out. Our space is designed to help you do just that and to do so with coaches ready to support you with questions, roadblocks, and those “Wow, so we’ve really been doing it the wrong way this whole time?” moments that we KNOW are coming.

The E@Work Community really is for everyone, right? Well…



  • You are an individual looking to get beyond just words at work. organization.

  • Ready to deepen your learning and understanding of what it means to be anti-racist in your work

  • Looking to get beyond theoretical concepts and understand how to take tangible actions that create equitable workplaces

  • Excited to learn from other leaders and organizations on how they are moving to operate by centering racial equity in their practices

  • Understand and recognize that no matter what your level is, you have power and privilege to change how BIPOC are treated in your organization

  • Believe that #blacklivesmatter


  • Still unsure of what it means to be anti-racist and don’t believe racism exists in workplaces

  • Not ready to put actions beyond your words and change how you, your team, or your workplace currently operates

  • Don’t believe your organization can learn from others on how they are doing the work of becoming racial-equity centered

  • Don’t believe you have the power to change your current organization because of your level

  • Don’t believe that #blacklivesmatter

I’m Dynasti, Racial Equity Coach.

I’m committed to seeing all entrepreneurs and organizations move to centering racial equity in all of their practices. Over the years, I’ve worked with organizations to get beyond the beginning stages of diversity and inclusion work and into the deep work of addressing inequities that are keeping them from becoming anti-racist.

This work is deeply personal for me as a Black leader who has worked in both for-profit and not-for-profit spaces fighting to realize change for BIPOC staff. I believe that no matter what your level or role, everyone has the power to unpack and change workplace systems and practices that keep the traditionally marginalized oppressed. I also believe this work can not be done alone and should be done in the community so I see myself as much of a continued student in addition to being the lead educator of this space.

Our community focuses on:

Individual Growth

In order to change the structure and culture that you work in, you must first address your own biases, beliefs, and behaviors that are contributing to an inequitable workplace.

Structural Change

This is the muscle of the work you should be doing in order to create change that leads to an anti-racist workplace. This means learning what’s wrong, why, and how to change it so that’s equitable for all.

Culture Redesign

Almost all workplaces have created cultures that only allow one type of homogenous team member or client to thrive. It’s important to unpack what this is and how to redesign it.

In the community, you’ll get:


Monthly trainings that build your skills and abilities to be able to shift how your organization operates. Each workshop provides space for open coaching directly with our team, so that you can get real-time feedback on how to apply the key learnings immediately to your organization.


Live group coaching sessions are held for everyone during the middle of every month where you can bring your questions, ideas, and hurdles for feedback. For us, it’s not just about what you learn, it’s about what you actually do with what you learn that matters.



You’ll have access not only to our overall community space but in addition private mini spaces based on topics or work areas you’re most interested in. And the best part is if you need a space that isn’t offered yet, just a quick ask and we’ll create it for you!



Private community spaces to connect with, share your progress, and get feedback on your plan, captions, strategies…on the spot and as you build them. There are also private mini spaces based on topics or work areas you’re most interested in like anti-racist HR practices, recruiting, etc.

As soon as you hit join, you’ll access to our private community group to join and get started! You can join as many topics that are related to your current work and request new topics to be added. And the best part? As a community member, you’ll also have access to all previous workshops, resources, and ideas shared previously.

Join the community

This community is 100% free, but if you would like to monetarily support the work I’m doing and the education you’re receiving, you can choose to join us at the $10/month option. There is no difference in what you have access to or receive inside the membership.

Join now for FREE

Join now for $10/month


Asked Questions

Is this community really for everyone?

Yes, it really is, all backgrounds (it is after all, a community focused on equity work!) And to make sure you are maximizing your time in the space, we have monthly customized programming that it’s differentiated for entrepreneurs and for those who work within an organization. Once you’re in the membership community, there are also a series of foundational trainings and resources we recommend you review before jumping in to make sure you are maximizing the most of the space early on.

I don't live in the USA, can I still join?

Absolutely. We have members from all over the globe and the unfortunate reality is, the inequities BIPOC face in the workplace are not just happening in the United States.

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer annual refunds but you can cancel your monthly membership at any time before the next billing cycle.

How long will I have access?

As long as you are a member. Once you cancel, you will lose access to all training and resources.

What if I miss a live training?

All live trainings will be recorded and shared in the private community space. All live coaching sessions are not recorded, in order to protect the anonymity of individuals and their respective organizations.

Can I join with my business partner / team?

Yes, but each person will need to enroll in their own membership as this journey is as much personal as it is professional and each of you may have varying needs or spaces for learning that you need to tap into.

Can I sign up on behalf of my entire organization?

While you’re welcome to take back notes that you capture from all training, each team member from your organization must enroll individually. If you are interested in a bulk membership discount, please email us at for more information.

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