Finding Your Grip & Letting Go Of Black Imposter Syndrome

Sep 25, 2020

Have you taken on unfounded fears that have defined and realigned your life in an unchosen direction? Black women across the board have been suffering from deep layers of Black Imposter Syndrome, and it’s time to unravel why this is so prevalent in our culture.  We are here to tell you that even if you’ve lost your grip on who you are and allowed others to fuel you into going a different direction, you can fight and resist that inner belief system that feeds into your fears and start writing your own story. 

In this episode, we define Black Imposter Syndrome and bust through the false stories we internalize as Black women. We’ll rediscover how we can resist the urge to operate from a place of fear and instead take action towards our goals with confidence, plus so much more. 

Tune in to the very FIRST episode of The Black Compass and learn how you can be authentic in all that you do.

“There are two different directions your Imposter Syndrome can go – you can feel that fear and let it take you over, or you can find space to walk away from that so that when you do go against the grain, when you do break against those other notions – you have support to go against the grain.” – Dynasti

Episode Highlights:

  • Why we let fear get in our way and fuel us in a different direction
  • Additional barriers Black women face when pushing past fears and self-limiting beliefs
  • The two directions your Imposter Syndrome can take you and how to fight back
  • How to recognize that your fear-based mentality has no weight
  • Normalizing strength-based action and avoiding fear-based perception

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Jess’ website: 

Dr. Jess’ Instagram: 

Dynasti’s Website: 

Dynasti’s Instagram:


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