The G.O. Initiative is designed to support Black Leaders, Team Members, and Entrepreneurs realize their full power in the workspaces we are in. G.O. works to ensure no matter what career pathway you have chosen for yourself, you have support to thrive through invested coaches, educational programs, and financial support.


G.O.’s programs focus on 3 key areas:

  • Career Moves in Your Current Workplace
  • Entrepreneurship Pathways in Your Own Workspace
  • Mentor Support in Navigating Thriving in Your Workplace

Through its signature program which will be free for all participants, the G.O. Initiative will provide one-to-one mentorship, 6-week learning accelerators, and on-going learning communities. We believe in investing back in our own community and recognize that many workplaces have not intentionally done the same. We want Black people to carve their own career pathways that lead to building generational wealth and this starts with investments of education, mentorship, and community. Our first learning accelerator launches June 2022.

The G.O. Initiative is currently in a collaborative build phase in which we are looking for input from individuals to help define what would make the initiative most beneficial. Interested in participating and sharing your thoughts? Please send an email to with the title “ Collaborative Design: The G.O. Initiative.” We will be reaching out to schedule paid, focus community spaces in February 2022. You must identify as Black and be willing to participate in one, 90-minute virtual session.

Interested in financially supporting the initiative or potentially becoming a coach for the program? Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved!

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