How to Find Your Inner Authenticity As a Black Woman

Oct 25, 2020

Did you know it’s 100% possible to rediscover your true authentic self once you push past your fears and self-limiting beliefs? Building up your inner strength and resilience is step one. Step two is finding a core community that lifts you up, is there for you when you stumble and helps you carry the lows and burdens that our history has thrust upon us. 

In this episode, we are exploring the journey and process of finding your inner authenticity in order to shape yourself into who you truly are and how you show up in the world. As Black women in the 21st century, we know from experience how challenging this can be. That’s why we are diving into our own self-examination and uncovering the self-exploratory process that has to happen for us to get to a place of true authenticity.  Because you won’t be the best you if you don’t know who the best you is. 

“You need to bridge who you are internally in order to really show the world who you are externally. That’s when your authenticity comes out.” – Dr. Jess

Episode Highlights:

  • Why all eyes are on Black women in 2020
  • How the lack of equity and authenticity in the workplace affects Black women in America
  • The power of a Black woman’s story
  • Why inner authenticity is so important in all that you do
  • How to be the best you by doing the hard internal work

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Jess’ website: 

Dr. Jess’ Instagram: 

Dynasti’s Website: 

Dynasti’s Instagram:


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