What would shift if your Human Resources and People teams held an equity lens up to the current practices?

Unfortunately, the answer is A LOT. 

The good news is we’re here to help you make it happen.

 HR + Recruitment +Talent Leaders

What was once simply about choosing the best people and making sure they have what they need is now complexly about doing this and doing so in a way that ensures you are creating an equitable work environment that gives everyone the opportunity to truly thrive. 

This shift, while not the simplest, is one of the most important and impactful to change not just your organization but the world.

Our People Accelerator

is designed to help your Human Resources, Recruitment, and Talent teams directly in the implementation portions of the work and allow for space for all leaders to gain knowledge and understanding so that the changes are more than just rules, their true culture shifts.

How we can help: Imagine having an experienced team to walk you through redesigning your people structures with an equity lens. Educational sessions, coaching calls, tools and templates that are ready for your use with unparalleled support for 6 months.

Not only is it life changing, it’s legacy shifting.

Our Program Journey

Phase 1Assessment


Initial Assessment

1:1 Executive Coaching

Phase 2Learning

Each module includes pre-work, development exercises, tools and templates, and post-work

Live Peer Cohort Experience

Phase 3Growth

Final Assessment

Personalized Action Plan

1:1 Executive Coaching

You’ll learn:


How to effectively build HR systems that center equity over equality


Navigating employee relations and ADEI so that you feel confident communicating


Inclusive recruitment and interview techniques so that you limit the unintentional harm that most commonly happens during these processes


New ways of looking and creating onboarding processes and compensation plans


How to create inclusive and equitable career pathways with and for your employees


Conscious Performance Management that encourages excellence without upholding one dominant culture

What You’ll Experience:

Over a 6- month journey, up to 5 participants from your People Teams will engage in sessions that focus on how to transform current systems across your HR & Talent functions. Our sessions cover both theory AND implementation so you’ll be asked to bring the exact items you are working on at the moment to get feedback, implementation planning support, and more! Because of this, we limit the number of cohort organizations for each round, in order to provide quality support to each team.

You’ll experience:

    Introduction & OVERVIEW OF building equitable HR SYTEMS

    Begin building a deeper understanding of what it means to build and sustain equitable people practices for your organization, the impact to your team, and how to do so in alignment with your organization’s strategic vision.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A small group audit of your current practices across the HR & Talent cycle

    →A 90-day implementation plan that you’ll execute during the learning space experience

    addressing bias, micro & MACRO AGGRESSIONS IN hr

    When team members bring concerns to the Human Resources team, while they do not always rise to the official definition of discrimination, they can lead to a negative culture experience for a team member. Learn how to address this while identifying your own biases in the process.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A clear roadmap for working with your Legal team to identify new approaches for addressing micro and macro aggressions in the workplace, including coaching managers


    Recruitment and Hiring is arguably one of the most critical areas for a focus of an organization as it can deeply impact what the diversity (or lack there of) of your team consists of. We dive deep into both recruitment and interviewing practices, looking at ways to increase the pipeline to how to decrease bias in hiring decisions.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A small group audit of your current recruitment and interview practices.

    →Clear action steps to pilot as a part of your next recruitment cycle.

    onboarding & TOTAL COMPENSATION

    Set your team members up for success by redesigning your onboarding program with an inclusive lens. In addition, we’ll explore total compensation practices, looking at how you ensure how people are placed equitably on a pay scale, the benefits they are offered and the impact of equitable total compensation programs.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →Adjustments to your current onboarding practices.

    →A defined strategy for equitable total compensation.


    Recruitment is only a small portion of the work and retention carries a much larger portion as it focuses deeply on what encourages people to stay with an organization. We’ll explore methods for team engagement that honor a diverse group of individuals while looking at key systems to implement to monitor progress.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A defined engagement survey and analysis approach.

    →Clear action steps to pilot as a part of your current retention plan.

    career pathways

    Creating and providing opportunities to grow, including upward mobility, are a lead indicator organizations can use to demonstrate their investment in their team. Often times, however, career pathways feel like the most unclearly defined to team members and can leave them feeling that there are inequitable investments happening.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A small group audit of your current career pathways practices.

    →Clear action steps to pilot as a part of your next promotion cycle.

    performance management

    In the same way that career pathways can show investment in team members, performance management can also show investment through providing fair and equitable feedback that helps each individual continue to grow. We’ll dive further into your performance management process and uncover where there may be biased approaches being used.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A small group audit of your current performance management process.

    →Defined, customized framework to use to check for biases in process.

    equitable employee handbook design

    Some would argue that may don’t read the employee handbook until it matters and when they do, what would you want them to read? We’ll spend time looking at key employee policies in the employee handbook and identify inequities that need to be addressed.

    What you’ll leave with:

    →A small group audit of your current employee handbook policies.

    →Clear action steps for adjustments to policies in your employee handbook.

    What Makes Our Learning Spaces Unique

    Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

    Each intensive invites leaders to engage in learning sessions led by Expert Coaches that focus on key principles and then building action steps to apply as soon as they leave our learning space.

    Executive+ Implementation Coaching

    Each leader is provided with individual team coaching sessions (2 for HR & Talent) to provide them with tailored support at key points within the learning journey.

    Tailored Private Community 

    Each intensive experiences its own tailored community, filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the intensive.

    We are here for you so you can be there for them.

    It’s time for HR, Talent, Recruitment, and People Leaders to collectively lead in systems change for the people we work with.

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