The Shift® HR Equity Intensive

is designed to help Human Resources, Recruitment, People, and Talent teams shift internal people practices and systems to ones that have DEI principles embedded at the core.

Imagine having an experienced team to walk you through redesigning your people structures with an equity lens. Our program combines live educational sessions, direct coaching, and tools to help you create long-lasting change for your HR/People Department but more importantly, for the people who experience your work culture.

Long gone are the days where Human Resources, Recruitment, and People/ Talent teams should simply focus on having great tactical business systems.

In its place? Recognizing and acting on the importance of having systems, policies, and functions in place that are truly equitable and inclusive for all employees. 

And though we may know this, the voices of our team members expressing frustration that HR ” just doesn’t get it” or ” are only there to protect the business and not the people who work for the business” continue to rise.

It’s about not just partnering with DEI leaders, councils, or functions and saying ” Oh yes, we get it”, when you may not really understand what it means to start and change.

It’s about not pretending that DEI is automatically a part of HR practices when we know there has to be an intentional effort to change.

It’s about recognizing that the days of long ago should be left in the past and it’s now time for a different place, where you and your HR team are ready to commit to making shifts that lead to truly inclusive practices.

You know it’s time for a change.

You know that what was once simply about operationally choosing the best people and making sure the boxes were checked from a people compliance lens is now about leading people systems in a way that ensures you are creating an equitable work environment that gives everyone the opportunity to truly thrive. 

This shift, while not the simplest, is one of the most important and impactful to change not just your organization but more important, the human beings who experience work with you daily.

The shifts that your Human Resources, People, and Recruitment teams can make can change your business for the better and the greater.

The question is: Are you ready to make that happen?

The better news to answering that question?

We’re here to help you make it happen.

I’m Dynasti Hunt, creator of The Shift® HR Intensive, and I’m here to support you in shifting your Human Resources and People systems to ones that are equitable and inclusive.

After sitting simultaneously in the CHRO and CDO seat at multiple organizations and leading the implementation of a full program from design to foundational launch, I decided to take all of my learnings, stumbling blocks, and transformational wins to shift more People functions globally. This Intensive  is designed to help HR, People, Talent, and Recruitment teams truly understand what it means to build its core systems with a DEI lens at the center of it…and do so with the help of partners who understand what it means to shift people systems in a meaningful way.

    In the HR+DEI Accelerator, you’ll learn how to:


    Effectively build HR systems that center equity over equality


    Incorporate inclusive recruitment and interview techniques so that you limit the unintentional harm that most commonly happens during these processes


    Create inclusive and equitable career pathway programs for all team members, particularly those traditionally not considered


    Define new ways of looking and creating onboarding processes and compensation plans that center equity


    Design a Performance Management system that encourages excellence without upholding one dominant culture


    Continuously assess your own infrastructure in order to complete onging equity assessments.

    Over 6 months, we’ll complete 8 interactive modules focused on how we examine and change our people practices:

    Phase 1: Examine

    For each module, we’ll walk you through how to examine each key area of your Human Resources function for inequities your team may be experiencing.

    Note: We also provide each partciating organization with an employee handbook equity audit.

    Phase 2: Reimagine

    Through real-life case study examples, live group discussion, and active brainstorming, you’ll have the space to reimagine how your people systems and practices can be more equitable and inclusive.

    Over the course of 10 months, the Accelerator focuses on 4 phases:

    Phase 3: Build

    You’ll build an implementation plan and measurement goals for each area examined in order to ensure you have a clear plan of how DEI work will come to life across your HR/People function, instead of just existing on a sheet of paper.

    Phase 4: Implement

    You’ll launch your implementation plans, gathering feedback from us on strategies for doing so without causing more harm to your team and the organizational culture.

    MODULE #1: building equitable HR AND PEOPLE FUNCTIONS

    Begin building a deeper understanding of what it means to build and sustain equitable people practices for your organization, the impact to your team, and how to do so in alignment with your organization’s strategic vision.


    Module #2: addressing bias, micro & MACRO AGGRESSIONS IN hr

    When team members bring concerns to the Human Resources team, while they do not always rise to the official definition of discrimination, they can lead to a negative culture experience for a team member. Learn how to address this while identifying your own biases in the process.

    Module #3: recruitment & INTERVIEWING with an equity lens

    Recruitment and Hiring is arguably one of the most critical areas for a focus of an organization as it can deeply impact what the diversity (or lack there of) of your team consists of. We dive deep into both recruitment and interviewing practices, looking at ways to increase the pipeline to how to decrease bias in hiring decisions.

    Module #4: Inclusive onboarding & TOTAL COMPENSATION

    Set your team members up for success by redesigning your onboarding program with an inclusive lens. In addition, we’ll explore total compensation practices, looking at how you ensure how people are placed equitably on a pay scale, the benefits they are offered and the impact of equitable total compensation programs.

    module #5: TEAM ENGAGEMENT

    Recruitment is only a small portion of the work and retention carries a much larger portion as it focuses deeply on what encourages people to stay with an organization. We’ll explore methods for team engagement that honor a diverse group of individuals while looking at key systems to implement to monitor progress.

    Module #6: career pathways

    Creating and providing opportunities to grow, including upward mobility, are a lead indicator organizations can use to demonstrate their investment in their team. Often, however, career pathways feel like the most unclearly defined to team members and can leave them feeling that there are inequitable investments happening.

    Module #7: performance management

    In the same way that career pathways can show investment in team members, performance management can also show investment through providing fair and equitable feedback that helps each individual continue to grow. We’ll dive further into your performance management process and uncover where there may be biased approaches being used.

    Module #8: equitable employee handbook design

    Some would argue that may don’t read the employee handbook until it matters and when they do, what would you want them to read?

    We’ll spend time looking at key employee policies in the employee handbook and identify inequities that need to be addressed.

    At the end of our 6 months together, you’ll have:


    A Clear understanding of the role of HR in developing and redesigning internal systems with an equity lens.


    A completed HR operational audit for your Employee Policies, Benefits, and Compensation Philosophy.


    Completed assessments, including how-to guides for future assessments, for your Recruitment and Talent functions including Performance Management, Career Pathways, and Employee Relations.


    A 3- year strategic HR DEI plan that aligns with your organizational strategy.


    A 3- year HR DEI implementation plan for your identified HR strategic priorities.


    Real-life case studies, templates, and resources to learn from and share with your team.

    What Makes Accelerator  Learning Spaces Unique

    Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

    Modules are designed and led by Expert Coaches that focus on teaching real-life application of our frameworks that participants can apply as soon as you complete each module.

    Implementation Coaching

    Each participating organization is provided with group coaching spaces to provide you with ongoing support as you implement the strategies taught.

    Tailored Private Community 

    Our private community is filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the learning space experience.

    And it’s formatted in a structure that supports deeper hands-on learning, expert support, and cross-functional collaboration:

    2 participants from your organization can participate in the accelerator:

    It’s important to us that the work of building your People systems with an equity lens is not done alone so each organization can have up to 2 participants in the full 6-month program, which includes access to our live trainings and coaching sessions.

    Monthly Live Group D.E.I. Coaching sessions with Dynasti & other Expert coaches

    Live group coaching sessions are held for everyone during the middle of every month where you can bring your questions, ideas, and hurdles for feedback. For us, it’s not just about what you learn, it’s about what you actually do with what you learn that matters.


    Monthly Live Module Trainings with Accelerator Participants

    Each month, you’ll participate in a live training session where we’ll teach you the “how to” of developing each deliverable of the program, provide case study examples, and give you space for you and your team to begin working on initial drafts that you’ll submit for review and feedback.


    Monthly Review and Feedback on Your Work

    Each week, you will the optional opportunity to submit your work for feedback and critique. This is where we actually look at the assets you’re creating from your statements to your strategic work plans and give you actionable, expert feedback on your copy, structure, strategy, and more.

    How to Get Started:

    1. Schedule an Enrollment Call

    Complete the interest form and schedule a call with our team, where we’ll answer your questions about the program experience and ensure this is the best path to support your organization.

    2. Complete Your Enrollment Form

    Secure your participant spot in our program and share with your team! 


    3. Schedule Your Onboarding Call

    Start your onboarding to the program through our specialized launch process, which includes an onboarding call with our team.

    4. Choose Your Participants

    The Accelerator program allows you to have 2  participants that you’ll need to select. 


    5. Prepare for Your HR Operational Audit

    You’ll complete an equity assessment led by our team in order to inform the strategic plan we’ll help you develop in the program. In 2023, we’ll be using Moving Beyond’s tool with all clients.

    6. Begin the Work

    You and the participants you’ve selected will begin attending our monthly live training modules and coaching sessions that will teach you how to develop each deliverable in our program.

    Note: Our sessions typically last 60-75 minutes and are scheduled on Tuesdays.



    Asked Questions

    When does it begin and end?

    Each cohort lasts for 10 months. In 2023, our cohort start dates will be in April, June, and October.

    Is there a cost to have additional participants?

    No, the entire program cost is the same for up 2 participants from your organization.

    If you would like more than 2 people to participate, there is a charge of $500 per person for the entire 10 months.

    What is the time commitment per week?

    2-3 hours/week, which includes attending the live training module each month, joining live coaching calls as you and your team need to get questions answered (each will be recorded so that you can watch immediately after) and having time actually to complete the deliverables of the program.

    We encourage organizations to develop a support plan for participants to have enough time to complete the program and their other business workload without pushing beyond capacity.

    Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the course?

    All participants should have access to the internet to be able to log in. We do provide closed captioning and transcripts for all videos as well as options for you to request other support to meet your accessibility needs.

    Do I get support, community, or access to you?

    It depends on the pathway experience you choose! All of our options include the group coaching space but only a few provide 1:1 coaching support.

    Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

    You’ll have 12-month access to the entire program from your enrollment date.

    Can I participate in more than one offered DEI learning spaces?

    Yes, absolutely, just not at the same time! Because our experiences are heavily centered on implementation work and not just learning frameworks, it’s important you are able to give your full attention to the space you are enrolled in. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in DEI or HR and also manage people, we will ask you to enroll in your functional area cohort first

    Can I enroll my entire organization into a cohort at the same time?

    Yes, as a customized cohort experience!  Email us at to learn more.

    What is the refund policy?

    There are no refunds for the accelerator once the agreement is signed.

    You Might Be Thinking,

    “This All Sounds Great But…”

    “We’ve already started some of this work.”

    That’s great and that means you’ll be able to jump right into some of the modules that help you to move from simply a statement that shares your commitment to DEI to a full strategy and infrastructure. Often times though, we find that organizations who’ve started this work even 3 or 4 years ago are often in a place of feeling stuck and our program helps to address and remove barriers in their way.

    ” We can’t afford to invest in DEI work right now.”

    Every business strategy that is a priority requires investment, often of time and money. If you’re truly ready for the shift, you’ll want to think about what investment are you willing to start with and how can a program that covers DEI strategy, core business design, and training all in one be the starting place.

    ” Our whole team needs training in DEI fundamentals.”

    The intensive is designed to provide core knowledge as well as facilitation training and workshop templates to the program participants so that they can provide internal training to others on your team.  Some teams also choose to purchase an organizational license to our foundational course, The Shift® Toolkit, to support the learning of team members not participating directly in the Accelerator.

    “The best time to start this work was yesterday. The second best time is now.”

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