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We’re on a mission to help organizations build a racial equity-centered mindset, recognize the power within to create change, and disrupt inequitable systems at the individual, organizational, and business industry levels. And let us be the first to tell you:

This work isn’t easy and can’t be done overnight.

And we’re not here either to tell you that it gets easier either. Living out anti-racist behaviors professionally (and personally!)  is lifetime work that requires each of us to get committed and stay committed.

We do this work because even though it’s not easy, we know what’s even harder is to be a marginalized individual who feels that they cannot have an equitable and inclusive experience at work. We know what it’s like to show up daily to be a space where you are continuously excluded based on the visible assumptions one has about you. We know what it’s like to want to get beyond cookie cutter D.E.I. programs and do work that leads to real change.

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Since 2019…

Organizations and Teams We've Partnered With

Recruitment, HR, and Talent Models we've help shift to operate with an equity lens

DEI Business Functions Established since the Accelerator Launch in 2021

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CEOs, Board Members, Executive Leaders, and People Managers we've coached on Inclusive Coaching Strategies

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Our company went through Dynasti Hunt’s Equity Accelerator and it gave us such a strong framework to explore how we can build a better business, that’s inclusive and equitable. We’ve stopped making as many assumptions and we’re starting to ask more questions before we act. The Accelerator is going to have a lasting impact on our company, culture, and product.


Dynasti and her team have a way of helping you bring your own organizational truth out through conversations with them, without you even realizing sometimes that is exactly where they are headed. They are thoughtful about getting to know your team and helping you think about new ways of approaching D.E.I. work that is authentic to you.


Dynasti’s delivery is great. I love how she projects the information to the team. The subject matter is very enlightening and informative and I have had a few aha moments.

We don’t believe the journey is ever truly done but here are a few of the results we’re most proud of:

Increased recruitment of Black and Brown staff at all levels, including the Executive Team, by 42% in 18 months.

Redefined HR and Development practices which led to increased retention and promotion rates for women and non-white men.

Launched the Accelerator, which has led to the establishment of DEI functions across multiple businesses.


Worked with Board and Executive Leadership Teams to establish their role in DEI work, including accountabilty plans and metrics.

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