“The Shift to Inclusive Leadership Program

Imagine getting feedback from your entire (diverse) staff that their experience working with you and your team has been inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable.

That’s what working with us will help you achieve.

As a people manager, you have a lot of responsibilities and we think that co-creating a culture of safety for all is the most important one.

That said, how to do that is not taught in every business school or management training program and it’s not as simple as reading a how-to article and taking a shot at implementing. 

” Organizations that choose to change the expectations for their managers will need to change managers’ mindsets and skill sets from managing tasks to managing the full experience of employees.” –11 Trends that Will Shape Work in 2022 and Beyond, Harvard Business Review, January 2022


The work of creating conscious company culture is an art and a science that involves introspection, specific leadership techniques, and an implementation plan to make sure things are changing beyond your department. 

Our proven process and support container were created specifically to teach you how, and hold you through, creating the ripples of organizational transformation.

The Shift Inclusive Leadership Program is a 4-month program for managers committed to being the best leader they can be. 

    You’ll learn:


    How to build an inclusive team culture that creates psychological safety, promotes healthy team dynamics, and results in more productivity


    Inclusive coaching practices that will help you facilitate growth among your team members while minimizing unintentional harm


    Diverse work approaches so you have a better understanding of how things can be done differently and how to support people who do things differently


    How to have crucial conversations with an equity lens so you’re no longer avoiding difficult conversations and instead have the tools to lead with kindness


    How to address aggressions so that when things come up (and they will) you feel comfortable navigating through them


    How the talent ecosystem works and how you can adjust it to make sure there are equitable growth opportunities

    The Inclusive Leader Accelerator includes:

    Six 90-minute education sessions where we’ll deep dive into inclusive leadership principles

    One individual leader assessment+a debrief call to be supported in the unique challenges you’re facing


    Access to our Leadership Tools + Template library as well as a community of other leaders

    Our Program Journey

    Phase 1Assessment


    Initial Assessment

    1:1 Executive Coaching

    Phase 2Learning

    Each module includes pre-work, development exercises, tools and templates, and post-work

    Live Peer Cohort Experience

    Phase 3Growth

    Final Assessment

    Personalized Action Plan

    1:1 Executive Coaching

    What Makes Our Learning Spaces Unique

    Expert Training + Guest Facilitators

    Each intensive invites leaders to engage in learning sessions led by Expert Coaches that focus on key principles and then building action steps to apply as soon as they leave our learning space.

    Executive Assessment and  Implementation Coaching

    Each leader is provided with an individual assessment as well as executive coaching sessions to provide them with tailored support at key points.

    Tailored Private Community 

    Each intensive experiences its own tailored community, filled with other leaders who are in a similar position or functional role in order to be able to build relationships that last well beyond the intensive.

    To learn more about The Shift to Inclusive Leadership Program,

    book a call with us below.

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