Hey, I’m Dynasti (She/Her)

And I’m on a mission to help leaders at all levels and industries build a racial equity-centered mindset, recognize the power within to create change, and disrupt inequitable systems at the individual, organizational, and business industry levels.

That’s all a fancy way of saying I am in the business of helping organizations do what’s right by all people by redesigning workplaces to be ones where everyone, especially those that continue to be marginalized by systemic inequities and practices, feel that they can come to work every day and be themselves without penalty.

I have lived and watched the impact of showing up to work everyday in organizations that did not value creating an equitable and inclusive experience for those who look like me. I’m here to change that.

My Work

As a Black woman who has worked with and for

  • both for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • sat on multiple Executive Leadership teams, leading D.E.I. and Human Resources functions
  • designed and implemented equitable Human Resources and Talent Management systems
  • coached leaders and teams as a certified Diversity Coach at multiple levels including Boards, CEOs, and D.E.I. Councils

I understand this work deeply and also fully believe that the work requires both strategy and implementation in order to see real change happen. I know how to assess a workspace, read between the lines, and help you get to the root of what needs to shift while keeping those most deeply impacted at the center of the work.

I know how to push your thinking while honoring the space you need to process, grow, and learn. And because I’ve directly done this work in organizations, I’m always thinking with the lens of how can you implement and shift things.

It gives me the ability to not just consult from a place of theory; my work comes with the lens of having been there, sitting directly in your shoes, and knowing how to navigate what you will face as you shift.

This work is deeply personal for me and it matters to me that your organization does shift, not temporarily but permanently.

Therefore, everything we do together is done with that in mean: Helping you implement sustainable practices and ways of thinking that lead to long-term change.


My Journey

Early on in my career, I thought the approach was simple: stay quiet, assimilate, and you’ll be just fine navigating corporate and non-profit spaces. But as I did this and continued to rise within organizations, I found that my silence was often mirrored by other Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We were being tokenized, treated inequitably, shown daily how our voices didn’t matter, and silenced out of fear of retaliation. The workplaces I was in no longer felt safe and even though I was leading corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, that work was only being done to check boxes and not to lead to actual change. I knew that something needed to shift. 

And I knew that that something….started with me.

That’s why today I’m purposed with dismantling workplace structures, systems, and practices that continue to uphold 

✗ Practices that oppress all marginalized communities at work 

✗ Systems that pretend D.E.I. matters while refusing to address the systematic racism being upheld within the organization

✗ Structures that claim we are “doing the work of being equitable and inclusive…while not seeing any real change.

P. S. I also love laughing, building community and meaningful relationships, and a good playlist so you likely will have some fun working with me too! We often don’t describe this work as fun but I believe it can be…especially if your intent is to focus on centering the joy and liberation of those historically who have yet to be centered.

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