Hey, I’m Dynasti (She/Her)

I’m on a mission to help leaders at all levels and industries build a racial equity-centered mindset, recognize the power within to create change, and disrupt inequitable systems at the individual and organizational levels.

I am a strategic thought leader committed to helping individuals and organizations build equitable structures and systems that help grow and elevate diverse talent. I also firmly believe that thriving organizations must go further than making a soft commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion work. They should center this work in all practices and ensure it is not a program that sits on the shelf, but rather is deeply embedded across the organization’s core fabric.

As a Black woman impacted every day by how I am treated simply based on my visible identity, I stayed silent on the issues of racial inequity for far too long.  Through my work in the varying for-profit and not-for-profit industries, I found that my silence was often mirrored by other Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We were silenced out of fear of retaliation, not believing that our voice mattered, and knowing that we wouldn’t be supported by our white counterparts.

That’s why today I’m purposed with dismantling the belief that we have to continue to operate in an inequitable world in which

✗ Black, Indigenous, and People of Color stories are suppressed,

✗ systematic racism is upheld, and

✗ marginalized groups continue to assimilate to what the world dictates in order to “ belong”

That world is a fallacy and it is long-overdue that we deconstruct it, at both the individual and organizational levels.

I’m beyond excited for us to take this journey together!

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