Get a custom DEI implementation partner through our Organizational Consulting Partnerships.

This is for organizations ready to move beyond the foundational pieces and move into concrete action with the support of an experienced partner who can build WITH them in a flexible retainer model that leaves you in a place to continue the work without needing a consultant.

Our retainer model, with a minimum 6-month partnership, is designed to help organizations build a customized roadmap of different components of our offerings that will meet your business exactly where it is today in your DEI journey…and take you where you need to go next.


We build custom DEI roadmaps for each client that can include services like:

– 1 –


DEI  Organizational Assessment

Assess how you’re doing across multiple areas of the organization as it pertains to DEI work, receive specific recommendations, and a customized roadmap for your journey ahead.

DEI Focus Groups and Dialogue Spaces

Facilitated spaces created to give your team space to share their own personal work journeys as they have experienced it within the organization.

HR, Recruitment, and Talent Equity Audits

Review your current systems, practices, and policies across Recruitment, Talent, and Human Resources functions to identify inequities that can be addressed for all internal team members.

– 2 –


DEI Organizational Strategy

Design your 3- year ADEI strategy in alignment with your organization’s strategic vision and plan.

DEI Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles

Define your organization’s overall foundation ADEI vision, core values and guiding principles that you’ll build your long-term work upon.

Executive Team + DEI Council Strategy and Alignment

Develop specific strategies and learning roadmaps for your executive teams and ADEI councils while also providing clarity on how to align the work objectives of each team.

– 3 –


DEI Strategic Plan Implementation

Provide customized support in implementing specific strategic goals collaborating with your team as identified in strategic planning development process. 

DEI Recruitment and Retention Practices

Develop and redesign your recruitment and talent practices to decrease bias and increase equity, inclusivity, and spaces of belonging while simultaneously attracting a more racially diverse team.

DEI Learning Journey

 Create a customized learning roadmap for your entire organization (including your Board) to support their ADEI journey. 

– 4 –

Thought Partnership, Advisory, and Coaching

Fractional Chief Diversity Officer and Talent Advisory Leadership

We operate in the role of CDO for a short-term period, including supporting all DEI initiatives, leading the DEI council,  and providing direct support to the leadership and Board regarding ADEI best practices.

Organizational Thought Leadership Partner

Provide ongoing strategic thought partnership and coaching across all teams and departments in questions that come up related to ADEI.

Leadership + Manager Individual Coaching and Support

Provide coaching to Executive Leadership* and/or People Managers within your team on their inclusive leadership journey through individual and group coaching sessions.

How it Works:

1. Schedule Your Introductory Call

We’ll start with a short, introductory call to learn more about your organization, needs, and identify where we will be able to provide partnership and support.

Note: Our pricing begins at $5,000/month with a 6-month minimum for all consulting partnerships.

2. Review Your Custom Roadmap

Based on our call, we’ll provide a custom roadmap of services, including detailing how we will execute on all deliverables, timelines, and who we will work with in each phase of the work.

3. Choose Your Path and Onboard

We’ll finalize the roadmap, our monthly agreement based on 3 pathways that you will choose from, and set up your onboarding call! Most clients are able to onboard immediately so that we can get started with the work right away!


Our company went through Dynasti Hunt’s Equity Accelerator and it gave us such a strong framework to explore how we can build a better business, that’s inclusive and equitable. We’ve stopped making as many assumptions and we’re starting to ask more questions before we act. The Accelerator is going to have a lasting impact on our company, culture, and product.


Dynasti and her team have a way of helping you bring your own organizational truth out through conversations with them, without you even realizing sometimes that is exactly where they are headed. They are thoughtful about getting to know your team and helping you think about new ways of approaching D.E.I. work that is authentic to you.


Dynasti’s delivery is great. I love how she projects the information to the team. The subject matter is very enlightening and informative and I have had a few aha moments.

Organizations We’ve Worked With

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