Looking for customized organizational partnership on how to dismantle inequitable practices in your work, leadership style, structures, and systems? These, along with the entire journey, are areas my team and I would love to partner with you on!

Note: All of our customized solutions are designed for a minimum of a 6-month engagement and we currently take a limited number of clients each year.

Our Core Focuses

Strategic A.D.E.I. Infrastructures

Equitable HR, People & Talent Systems

Inclusive Organizational Culture Experiences

The Details

Review Our Approach

One thing to note before we talk is our commitment to anti-racist practices with our work. Please review before completing the contact form and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

Introductory Call

We’ll start with a short, introductory call to learn more about your organization, needs, and identify where we will be able to support.

Choose Your Path

Once we determine we are a great match for each other, we’ll provide you with 3 tiered approaches to choose from. This work is not “one size fits all” and is tailored to your needs.

Organizations We’ve Worked With

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Equity Assessments

Assessments designed to help identify inequities experienced through current culture, policies, practices, and systems. Completed assessment includes all-staff survey administration, stakeholder interviews, document and policy review, and finalized results report and recommendations for strategic priorities.

Equity Dialogue Spaces

Facilitated spaces that are designed to provide staff member space to share their own personal stories as they have experienced it within the organization. These spaces can also be facilitated as a part of Employee Resource Groups or Affinity Spaces.

HR and Talent System Audits

Specific audit of systems, practices, and policies across Recruitment, Talent, and Human Resources functions to identify inequities that can be addressed for all internal team members.

– 2 –


Organizational Strategy

Collaboratively designed organization commitment statements, strategic plan & goals, and defined implementation plans that defines the organization’s work plan for the next 3 years.

A.D.E.I. Core Values and Guiding Principles

Defining the organization’s core values and guiding principles, which will help the team understand how the implementation plan will be completed and the shared foundational principles the team will build their work upon.

A.DE.I. Council Leadership Support

Provide support and coaching to the organization’s council & Employee Resource Groups leading this work in order to develop a strategic mission and work plan that is aligned to the organization’s overall A.D.E.I. Strategy

– 3 –


Customized Knowledge Building Training

Tailored workshops for staff on topics including building an understanding of anti-racist principles, historical context of workplace inequities, and unpacking white supremacy culture in the work.

General Implementation Support

Provide customized support in implementing specific strategic goals identified in strategic planning and/or from recommendations in equity audit.

Recruitment, HR, and Talent Management Implementation Support

Provide customized support in addressing inequities identified from recommendations in Talent equity audit.

– 4 –


Affinity and Employee Anti-Racism Resource Groups Support

Provide a learning roadmap and plan to support the design, launch, and progress of affinity spaces and/or employee resource groups.

Board Training and Support

Customized board training and support on the board’s anti-racist journey, including workshops to help board members understand how to operate as an anti-racist board and identify ways in which their role can support the work of the leadership team and staff.

Leadership Team Coaching and Support

Provide coaching to Executive Leadership* and/or Management Team on their anti-racist leadership journey and how to implement strategies learned in quarterly trainings.

*We also have individual leader coaching options available for individuals who would like to go a level deeper in their journey to becoming an inclusive leader. 

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