As a business, we find that it can be really too easy to say you are on an anti-racist journey… but not really be doing the work.

You can say you support racial equity… but not actually measuring and sharing transparently if your data actually reflects this.

You can choose to uplift some inclusion practices…while ultimately doing more to support white-owned organizations and not equally Black, Indigenous, and People of Color businesses.

And we want to make sure that you are not just talking the talk..but that you’re walking it too.

Dynasti Hunt, LLC is an organization who believes in creating safe, equitable workspaces for all individuals, particularly those who have been historically marginalized based on their visible identity. We center race in our work first and ask that you don’t shy away from these conversations, even if it’s your first time speaking on this.

Our Values:

Acknowledgment of History



Disrupting Group Think






We are deeply committed to ensuring our work primarily and ultimately benefits Black and Indigenous people and unapologetically have designed access to programs and pricing structures that reflect our commitment.

Before you hit any apply, connect, or follow button, it’s important that you know we prioritize working with brands, businesses, and leaders who are willing to do the real work of facing inequities in their own organizations and moving with action to address them. Once you’ve reached out, please note that we will be asking you to share your commitment to equity, how it shows up in your everyday work, and where you publicly share what you’re doing about it before committing to any engagements.

We invite all business leaders and companies, no matter the size of our team, to take our free Shift to Equity Commitment pledge, which asks businesses and leaders to move beyond performative commitment and into a place in which they are asked to make a public commitment to reaching at least one of 5 key areas identified.

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