We are an organization that believes in creating safe, equitable workspaces for all individuals, particularly those who have been historically marginalized based on their race, gender, and accessibility. We center race in our work first and ask that you don’t shy away from these conversations, even if it’s your first time speaking on this.

We are deeply committed to ensuring our work primarily and ultimately benefits Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and unapologetically have designed access to our programs and pricing structures that reflect our commitment.

Before you hit any button to connect, inquire, or apply, it’s important that you know we prioritize working with teams, organizations, and leaders who are willing to do the real work of facing inequities in their own organizations and moving with action to address them.



Once you’ve reached out, please note that we will be asking you to share your commitment to equity, how it shows up in your everyday work, and where you publicly share what you’re doing about it before acceptance into our programs.

Our Beliefs

The Shift

We call our overarching work The Shift because we believe this work requires a fundamental mindset shift that recognizes A.D.E.I. work must be embedded throughout an entire company’s ecosystem in order to create effective change.

Equity Over Equality

We focus on equity before equality, noting that equality provides everyone with the same while equity pushes us to first address that everyone is not at the same starting point.

A. D. E. I.

Yes, Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We intentionally focus on all 4 because we believe there is a difference between implementing traditional D.E.I. practices vs. looking at these practices through an anti-racist lens.

Individual and Collective Work

In order to change, we believe there are two parallel journeys that everyone will be on: one that shifts each of us personally and the second that shifts our collective companies more broadly.

Our Values


We bring our authentic, lived experiences to all spaces we are in.


We acknowledge the people who have journeyed before us in pioneering new ways of reaching equity.


We recognize this work requires relationship+ community of diverse perspectives and not one singular voice.


We choose to work with leaders, teams, and in spaces that bring us joy over ones that burden us mentally and emotionally.


We are focused on continuous growth in our work and know this work means committing to a lifelong journey.


We actively center the voice and perspective of those most directly impacted (and often still marginailzed) by A.D.E.I. work.

What’s Our Sweet Spot?

  • Real-Life Consulting Application
  • Strategic Planning & Design
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Experiential Learning & Implementation
  • Community and Partnerships

We focus on helping you build and create sustainable practices that allow you to continue this work well beyond your partnership with us. Our personal measure of success is if we can answer the question “ Can they continue to lead this change beyond us?” with a resounding yes!

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