The Shift by Dynasti Hunt


We are committed to creating safe, equitable, anti-racist workplaces for all individuals, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Want to learn more about where to start your journey with us? Check out our programs below and schedule a call if you’re unsure where to start.

Organizations We’ve Worked With

The Shift


Build a foundational, anti-racist D.E.I. business function for your organization in one year.

 HR & Talent  Learning Space

Shift key people policies and systems to be equitable in this practicum learning space.


Practitioners Learning Space

Learn the principal foundations, frameworks, and approaches for leading D.E.I. inititiaves in your organization.

Inclusive  Leadership Learning Space

 Personalized and practicum leadership development program focused on developing inclusive management skills and behaviors.



Individual coaching for leaders at all levels focused on developing inclusive leadership mindset and beahviors.

Organizational Consulting 

Customized solutions for organizations looking for specific partnership in a key phase of their A.D.E.I. journey.

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