Shift to Equity Intensive

Imagine shifting your personal leadership practices in order to model anti-racist, inclusive behaviors. Let’s do the work to get you started on your journey.

Personal Anti-Racism Coaching for Leaders

You’ve been taking lots of classes, googling articles, and reaching out to others to figure out where to start. But the reality is you’re a bit stuck as a leader, as you know becoming anti-racist requires you to shift both yourself and your business practices…and you aren’t sure where to start.

You know you work better in an individual setting versus a group setting where you can dig in with a coach who understands you, your journey, and who is able to push you.

You are ready to move beyond traditional diversity and inclusion approaches and are ready to do the work and to be held accountable for the shifts you make in your leadership and business.

It’s time you moved beyond acknowledgement and into action.

There are two opportunities to engage in individual leadership coaching.

Both programs have a limited capacity for enrollment. To get on the waitlist, hit apply for the program you’re most interested in and complete the form. We’ll share information on our next enrollment dates before our application call.

Shift to Equity Intensive

The Shift to Equity Intensive is a great way for online business leaders to create an immediate action plan for their business that identifies key approaches to moving to anti-racist practices. In a 4-hour session, you’ll have the opportunity to complete the following:

  • Review the results of the Anti-Racist Leader assessment and create a personalized learning plan
  • Design your anti-racist vision and commitment statements
  • Live audit 6 key areas of your business and develop a 90-day strategic plan to shift your current business practices
  • 90-day follow-up session

$2500, with 1/2 day options

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching programs are designed for leaders at all levels, as long as they are managing at least 2 individuals and have decision-making power (meaning they have the ability to make decisions that can impact others. These programs are great for online business leaders, organizational business leaders, and managers within an organization. 

In these programs, we spend our time less on your business practices and more on:

  • Examining Self: After completing the Anti-Racist Leader Assessment and developing a personalized learning assessment, coaching sessions are set-up to provide support, feedback, and accountability to you as the leader for your own ant-racist journey progress. We acknowledge that the journey is never actually complete for any of us but have designed our coaching approach in a way that provides leaders with the tools to be able to sustain along the journey and in their work.
  • Each coaching session there will be pre-work provided and it is expected that you as the leader fully engage in these in order to get the most out of your coaching experience.
  • If you are looking to examine your business as well, our intensive (online business leaders) and accelerator (organizations) are great places to start before enrolling in a coaching program.

Starting at $1500, with 3, 6, or 9-month options

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