My Sweat Story Course

The most successful Group Fitness Instructors and Influencers consistently share that one of the keys to their own success has been the power of integrating their own personal story into their classes, studios, and communities.

Their personal story takes us beyond the surface with them and allows us to connect on a deeper level, showing us the importance of shedding our own invisible masks and inspiring others to do the same.

Need help uncovering your own personal story and how to share it in all that you do ?

Take my course, Your Sweat Story, which takes you through my Signature 5-step process of first unpacking your own story and then learning how to use it to share with the world around you.

10 Steps to Nailing Your Instructor Audition Guide
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10 Steps to Nailing Your Instructor Audition Guide

Time for your first group fitness instructor audition and have no idea how to prepare? Grab this quick guide which covers what to do in order to crush it!

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