The Black Woman Persona in the Workplace

Oct 27, 2020

Have you ever been called outspoken, told you have an attitude, or have had your ideas discredited in the workplace? As Black Women, when we have opinions that are different from the norm, that challenge our workplace’s structural system or status quo, we are considered radical or seen as “aggressive.” As a result, we become isolated professionally and show up with emotional stressors that often make our workplaces unbearable.

In this episode, we’re talking about why these radical ideas should not only be normalized but welcomed and why Black Women don’t need to earn respect; we should already have it. Plus, we’ll discuss how our allies can do the work and authentically show up for Black Women in the workplace. 

Because when it comes to the treatment of Black Women in the workplace, people need to recognize that it’s not about making space for Black Women at the table. It’s about already having a seat.


“Because at the end of the day, we walk in[to work] with our race as a Black Woman, and we leave with our race as a Black Woman.” – Dr. Jess

“Don’t just say that you’re an ally, just be an ally. I don’t need your post about what you’re doing. I don’t need a meeting so you can tell me how you called out such and such for a microaggression. Just do the work.” – Dynasti

Episode Highlights:

Why the workplace can make Black Women feel alienated and isolated [3:04]

There is room for all of us at the table [8:17]

How to be a true ally to black women [12:32]

Why it’s about having respect – not earning it [17:07]

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Jess’ website: 

Dr. Jess’ Instagram: 

Dynasti’s Website: 

Dynasti’s Instagram:


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