If you want to go from where do I start to a clear plan for actively becoming anti-racist, you’re in the right place.

The Reset has the actions, community, and collaborative design space you need to help you reset your anti-racist journey.

You’ve already decided that *this* is the year you’re going to actually move beyond listening and learning and into tangible actions that actually address inequities that BIPOC are facing every day.

This on-demand, 30-day challenge (with clear reflection prompts and an engaged community) will help.

Let’s put it another way….

Each and every day, how much time are you losing by continuing to say you are listening and learning but without any real understanding for how to move past this?

If you’re like many that are not starting this journey or recently began it, you’re feeling overwhelmed with recommendations for books, articles, courses, and more…

but without any real clarity on how to get beyond the principles you’re reading about it and into a place where  you know how to apply the principles in your daily work?

The Reset is designed for you to start…again and with the full support of a community to do this work with, from reflections to building your action plan.


You already are committed to becoming anti-racist and recognize that while this work is lifelong, there are clear places to start in your journey. You jumped right in this past year with absorbing all of the resources, listening to co-workers and friends share their experiences, and made commitments to do more than just be a bystander. But somewhere along the way, you got lost, lost your purpose, and are struggling to figure out where to start. Trying to figure out is it ok to start over?


The answer is YES.

Our commitment? To help you reset in a way where you won’t have to again and again.

Reset your journey in less than 10 minutes a day.

Each day, you’ll receive:


30 Days of Daily Reflection Prompts, in which you will answer through creating visual Daily Pages and a weekly action planner prompts to help you leave your 30 experience with an action plan for the next 12 months. Why visual scrapbooking? We have found it’s an incredible way to unpack, unlearn, and speak the truth in an accessible way. Plus, let’s be honest: it’s a fun, creative way to engage where you can see your reflections come to life and share them with others!


4 on-demand training videos based on the key theme for the week will help guide your learning and action planning. Each training is short, quick to watch, and is designed with your learning and unlearning in mind.

The four weeks:

  • Week One: Unpacking Your Privilege

  • Week Two: Dismantling Your Beliefs

  • Week Three: Internalized Suppression or Internalized Oppression

  • Week Four: Active Liberation or Active Allyship


Access to our private community, to share your daily reflections and get live coaching on what you’re planning to do well beyond the 30 days. We believe it’s critical to recognize that this work should be done in a community, not alone, and our group is designed to provide you with the space to learn from others, get connected, and who knows, maybe even find an accountability partner for your action plan after the first 30 days! We can’t wait to see what you share and encourage you to invite family members, friends, co-workers to join in this 30-day reset with you!

Meet the Co-Creators of The Reset


Dynasti is the founder of E@Work and Equity in Fitness, coaching communities designed to help leaders, teams, and workplaces of all industries learn to center racial equity in their work. She has been leading talent, human resources, and racial equity work her entire career and has a deep passion for realizing safe and equitable work experiences for BIPOC.

Her passion for equity work stems from her own personal experiences as a Black woman, attempting to navigate a work world that was never designed for her success.


rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker is the founder and leader of the Awesome Ladies Project. She’s been scrapbooking for 20+ years and teaching other women to scrapbook the stories of their lives since before she left high school in 2004. 

She is passionate about helping women tell their stories with pictures, paper, words, and the bits of life that we find along the way. She loves scrapbooking the everyday moments, especially the television shows she’s watching, the things she’s growing in her garden, and whatever amazing things she happens to be cooking up. 

We recognize this work isn’t easy.

And we’re not here either to tell you that it gets easier either. Becoming anti-racist is lifetime work that requires each of us to get committed and stay committed. If you are looking for a quick solution, we would be wrong to tell you to join us for The Reset because there is no one right solution.

We recognize though that while there may not be a quick solution, there are clear, concrete places you can start. We are here to help do just that: start. Or if you’re in a place where you actually did start and then let it go, The Reset is your place to begin again, guided by prompts, trainings, and a space to be sure you go beyond listening.

Plus, this work is relational and we don’t want you to do it alone. This is a great program to start with friends, your current book club, and yes, your co-workers who are looking to reset and recommit to the work in a meaningful way.

It’s time to reset. It’s time to start and not stop this time. It’s time to go beyond listening and learning.

And yes, you may also be thinking, maybe I should wait and continue to try it on my own.

And you certainly can. But I can guess that the reason why you’re reading this is that you’ve already taken that approach and you are still unclear of how to actually move beyond listening and learning and into doing the work of becoming anti-racist…at work.

You’ve read the suggested books, listened to so many free webinars and training, and still aren’t sure how to make your workplace one that celebrates, uplifts, and honors BIPOC in an equitable way. And you recognize that in order to expand your knowledge and truly be anti-racist, you’ve got to do more than just a black square and say you’re committed.

It’s time to reset.

  • 30 Daily Reflection Prompts with lifetime access to go back and review

  • 4 On-Demand Learning Workshops to jump start your action plans

  • Private learning community to get feedback, guidance, and support

  • Customized scrapbooking resources guides to fit your needs and your budget

  • Special pricing to celebrate the start of a new year!


Asked Questions

What if I'm worried I'll miss a day?

No problem! Once you’ve purchased your spot, you’ll have access to each day so that you can jump in as your ready. We do encourage everyone to try and commit to at least 30 consecutive days, in order to begin showing their commitment to resetting.

Can I purchase one spot and share with my friends?

Each particpant must purchase their own spot, which we’ve created plently of so that you can invite everyone you know to join! The cost of each spot supports our ongoing work and coaching in The Reset community so we ask that you do not share the prompts or trainings but rather encourage others to join.

I don't live in the USA, can I still join?

Absolutely. We have members joining from all over the globe!

How long will I have access?

For the lifetime of the course.

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