The Shift: The Course

Learn the foundational principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion work within a workplace.

The Details

In working with organizations over the years, a reoccurring question came up as we helped them to begin their company’s D.E.I. work: What exactly is D.E.I. and how do we make sure everyone on our team has a common understanding of what we mean when we talk about the work we are doing?

Enter The Shift.

This course is designed to help individuals build a common understanding of D.E.I. core principles before engaging further in the work. We cover the basics that we believe every person needs to understand and then we add in a few proven frameworks of our own, in order to help you get started leading this work within your own business or organization.

The Specifics

The Shift consists of core modules that include trainings on:

  • An overview of the meanings of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and how they show up in a workplace
  • Unconscious Bias Training and how to unpack your own biases
  • Understanding the impact of Power, Privilege, and Prejudice in a workplace
  • How to build an anti-racist, inclusive culture
  • Unpacking racial equity and how to identify in your workplace

Each module comes with additional suggested exercises, reflection questions, and resources for you to take your learning to a deeper space for you and your time. And because it’s all self-guided, you can take each module on your time and pace your learning in any way that works best for you!

The Curriculum

Overview of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Unpacking Bias, Identity, Power and Privilege


Building an Anti-Racist Culture & Leadership Skills


Examining Racial Equity Practices in Your Work


How does the course structure work?


Each module is available through a digital platform that you can access through your computer, tablet, or phone, making it easy for you to take your learning on the go! We also provide full transcriptions for every lesson.


Annually, we’ll be recording and adding new modules to the course for you to continue learning…at no additional cost. It’s a great way to continue your learning after a one-time investment.



We know that the learning doesn’t stop here and in fact, has only just begun so each module provides you with a list of suggested resources, reflection questions, and suggested conversations to continue your learning.



Every purchase of The Shift comes with free access to our community, E@Work, an inclusive virtual space designed to connect people across industries committed to doing D.E.I. work in their companies.


Core Definition Examples

In order to change the structure and culture that you work in, you must first address your own biases, beliefs, and behaviors that are contributing to an inequitable workplace.

Post-Course Tools & Resources

This is the muscle of the work you should be doing in order to create change that leads to an anti-racist workplace. This means learning what’s wrong, why, and how to change it so that’s equitable for all.

Access to E@Work

Almost all workplaces have created cultures that only allow one type of homogenous team member or client to thrive. It’s important to unpack what this is and how to redesign it.

Imagine after taking The Shift

Having a clear understanding of the core words and phrases in D.E.I. work that you keep seeing

Having a clear framework for how to begin D.E.I. conversations in your own organization

Having tools to approach your own individual journey and your company’s journey when it comes to how to progress in D.E.I. 

Having a foundational workshop that can be used as the core course for onboarding new team members to your organization’s DEI work…without having to teach a session live every time.

This is a Digital Program and Can be Done on Your Schedule, Anywhere in the world.

You can complete course lessons from the comfort of your office or virtual learning space, as long as you have Internet connection!

This entire program is designed to be a digital experience so that you can access it and complete the modules on your schedule. This is also great if you know that you will have a peak business quarter during the year; you’ll have access for a full 12 months and can build your implementation plan based on non-peak times.

Need an Overview for Your Company?

Purchase for yourself or your entire organization!

Individual Access

Purchase a single-user license for yourself which comes with lifetime access to the entire course, new modules as they are added, and opportunities to earn money back on your investment through sharing your affiliate link!

Team and Organization Access

Purchase a group license to the course for your team or your entire organization! This is great for organizations who want to have a foundational D.E.I. course as a part of their onboarding or core D.E.I. training program.

I’m Dynasti, Creator of The Shift.

I’m committed to seeing all entrepreneurs and organizations move to centering racial equity in all of their practices. Over the years, I’ve worked with organizations to get beyond the beginning stages of diversity and inclusion work and into the deep work of addressing inequities that are keeping them from becoming anti-racist.

This work is deeply personal for me as a Black leader who has worked in both for-profit and not-for-profit spaces fighting to realize change for BIPOC staff. I believe that no matter what your level or role, everyone has the power to unpack and change workplace systems and practices that keep the traditionally marginalized oppressed. I also believe this work can not be done alone and should be done in the community so I see myself as much of a continued student in addition to being the lead educator of this space.

This foundational course is for the student in all of us, to help us continue to build our own knowledge of D.E.I. work so that we can not only teach others but also learn how to do the work differently ourselves.


Asked Questions

Can anyone take this course?

Yes, absolutely, it is open to anyone, anywhere!

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer annual refunds but you can cancel your monthly membership at any time before the next billing cycle.

How long will I have access?

This is our only program where you will have lifetime access to the modules once purchased.

Can I sign up on behalf of my entire organization?

While you’re welcome to take back notes that you capture from all training, each team member from your organization must enroll individually. If you are interested in a bulk membership discount, please email us at for more information or check out our checkout page for group licensing options.

You Might Be Thinking,

“This Course Sounds Great But…”

“I’ve already read so many books and articles.”

Yes, us too, and it left us with 20 different definitions and frameworks that weren’t aligned. The Shift is designed to provide you with core common knowledge and definitions that can be used to build more complex D.E.I. concepts and frameworks from.

” Oh great, another set of videos to watch that I won’t get too.”

I hear you and trust me, it took us awhile to decide we were going to create even a short set of modules that were video-based. But one of the big focuses of watching each video is to them share with us your questions that are still lingering after each one. Why? Because your questions are the foundation for which new modules we’ll add to the course for your ongoing learning!

” I love learning in a group rather than alone.”

This makes complete sense which is why we’ve created group licensure pricing so that you can take the modules as a group and use our attached debriefing guides to discuss and continue learning together.

Expand Your D.E.I. Knowledge

Build your foundational understanding of what it means to be a part of an anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive workplace as a member of The Shift.

Pre-Enroll Now!

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