The Shift® DEI Strategy Toolkit

The number one question we receive is where to start with this work within your own organization, no matter if you’re a team of 1 or 10,000.

The Shift® DEI Toolkit is designed to provide you with the beginning roadmap of this work, so that at the individual and organizational levels, you know exactly what to do first.

How It Works:

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We encourage everyone to start the course immediately, as you’ll be able to review the materials within one week and be ready to draft your strategy by week 2!

Share Your Results

We love seeing your statements and strategic plans so please share them with us! You can email them to us at and if you have specific feedback you’d like to request, add this into your email.

As a business leader, you keep saying you’re committed to DEI but haven’t actually taken action.

And as everyday goes by, you are continuously asking yourself just how much time are you losing by continuing to say you are listening and learning but without any real understanding for how to move past this?

If you’re like many that are starting this journey, you’re feeling overwhelmed with recommendations for books, articles, courses, and more…

without any real clarity on how to get beyond the principles you’re reading about it and into a place where  you know how to apply the principles in your daily work?

The Toolkit is designed for you to start…again and with the full support of a community to do this work with, from reflections to building your action plan.

The DEI Strategy Toolkit is designed to help you build your first DEI business strategy in 3 short courses.

You’ll receive lifetime, on-demand access to:

DEI and Anti-Racism Business Fundamentals

This course is designed to help individuals build a common understanding of D.E.I. core principles before engaging further in the work.

We cover the basics that we believe every person needs to understand and then we add in a few proven frameworks of our own.

Build Your Organizational DEI Commitment Statement

In less than an hour, learn how to build your own organization or business DEI commitment statement that goes beyond just words on a paper and digs into how you’ll actually realize DEI principles in your everyday business operations.

    Build Creating Your DEI Strategic Plan

    This 2-hour course walks you through our signature framework for developing your own organization-wide DEI strategic plan, with examples for businesses of 1 as well as organizations of up to 5,000 team members with mutiple departments and business functions.

    It’s time you moved beyond acknowledgement and into action.

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