The Shift Toolkit

The number one question we receive is where to start with this work within your own organization. The Shift D.E.I. Toolkit is designed to provide you with the beginning roadmap of this work, so that at the individual and organizational levels, you know exactly what to do first.

Build Your D.E.I. Strategic Plan

Design your organization’s strategic D.E.I. plan in a day using the same proven process we teach our accelerator clients.


Check out our foundational how-to guides, which walk you through how to set up key elements of your organization’s D.E.I. infrastructure.

Free Courses

Build an Organizational D.E.I. Commitment Statement

Get clear on your vision for D.E.I. using our free toolkit for developing your commitment statement.

D.E.I. and Anti-Racism Business Fundamentals

Before you can drive the work forward, it’s important every person on your team has a foundational understanding of the principles of D.E.I. Take our free ½ day course that covers the fundamentals..and is a great onboarding resource for new team members!

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