You may have heard that

“The best time to start DEI work was yesterday. The second best time is now.”

And good news is, if you’re willing to have real conversations about meaningful action to create sustainable change, you’re in the right place. 

At The Shift®, we work with organizations, teams, and leaders to realize this sustainable change in our workplaces.

Where would you like to start your journey with us?

I’m a part of an organzation or team that is ready to build our DEI  business function

and we’d love a clearly defined program with a proven roadmap and tools that we can use to build the infrastructure ourselves.

I’m a Human Resources, Recruitment or, People leader who wants

to embed DEI into our overarching people strategies, systems, and practices but is a bit stuck on where to start.

We’re an organization looking for a strategic DEI leader, coach, and/or implementation partner

who can help us identify a customized DEI strategy and approach as well as directly support our team in the execution of our workplan.


Our company went through Dynasti Hunt’s Equity Accelerator and it gave us such a strong framework to explore how we can build a better business, that’s inclusive and equitable. We’ve stopped making as many assumptions and we’re starting to ask more questions before we act. The Accelerator is going to have a lasting impact on our company, culture, and product.


I appreciate the nuance you always bring to these conversations. Thank you for following up and for the webinar. I learned so much. As we begin to create our council, this information will be helpful.


Thank you for creating spaces for us to have real talk about this work and really think about how move into action versus staying stuck.

Organizations We've Worked With

A note for new clients: We do not currently offer single trainings or workshops at this time.

While we do build custom long-term training for clients, we are committed to investing in longer-term learning spaces that lead to sustainable change and believe this begins by engaging with us through one of our programs or a customized consulting partnership that extends beyond a single session.

We would love to see you get the most out of your DEI budget and believe our programs will allow you to do so for the same cost!

If you are interested in booking Dynasti for a keynote, podcast interview, or panel interview, you can learn more here.


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