Helping leaders, teams, & organizations build equitable, inclusive work places for all.

  • Strategic A.D.E.I. Infrastructure Design
  • Equitable HR, Talent, & People System Implementation
  • Inclusive Organizational Leadership & Culture Experiences

As Seen In:

Our Organization Solutions

We focus on solutions that provide space for deeper community, coaching, & collaboration across any business.

“It’s time we have the real conversations and do real work that doesn’t leave us at the end of the day questioning if it changed how people continue to be harmed by our traditional business systems and practices. We need to go there, push ourselves and each other to address the institutional and structural inequities persisting in our workplaces and change them… for good.”

The Shift to Equity Accelerator

Our signature one-year program is designed to help organizations get beyond the question of what’s next and build a sustainable, strategic A.D.E.I. function.

Leadership Learning Intensives & Spaces

Our learning spaces are designed to go beyond one quick training and help leaders in key functions (Executive & Middle Management, HR, and D.E.I.) across your organization shift to build more inclusive practices and systems.

Custom Organization Consulting & Partnership

Want us to work with you and your team during a specific phase of your A.D.E.I. journey? We work with teams to build a collaborative work plan.

What’s Our Sweet Spot?

  • Real-Life Consulting Application
  • Strategic Planning & Design
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Experiential Learning & Implementation
  • Community and Partnerships

We focus on helping you build and create sustainable practices that allow you to continue this work well beyond your partnership with us. Our personal measure of success is when we can say for sure that you and your organization can continue to lead this change without us at the forefront.

    Join Our E@Work Community

    Our free space for individuals across all sectors to come together, discover resources, and share their own continuous journey in creating an anti-racist, inclusive workplace. Through daily posts, weekly on-demand training resources, and specialized topics i.e. inclusive recruitment and hiring, we’ve created a space to help you build the foundational knowledge to not just talk about the work but actually do it.

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