Shifting You To Center Racial Equity in Your Business Leadership +  Workplace

The journey to realizing racial equity should be at home, in our business, everywhere.

As Seen In:

It’s time for business folx to DO THE WORK of leading anti-racist businesses . 


…Addressing the harsh racial inequities in our workplaces that continue to be ignored.

…Demanding that people recognize that Black lives matter, at home and at work too.

…Pushing business leaders to understand there is power in creating equitable organizations. 

Is this you? Good, then you’re in the right place.

Picture this:

We’re on a call to discuss your newfound interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion work as an organization + as a leader. The exact moment I transition to using the words racial equity, anti-racism, and pro-Black, there is a visible shift.

I hear it first in your voice. Then, I see it physically in your body language.

This shift doesn’t occur just because of our word preference, but due to something much deeper, ingrained in our core.

You’ve come to believe that everyone is having an equal experience at work from how they are treated, seen, paid, and heard.

And that’s just not the case.

My mission is to help you unpack the inner workings and complexities of a white dominant culture and its effect on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in ALL workplaces – whether online, in-person, service-based, product-based, solopreneur, or corporation.

As well as create the space for you to do the work.

By being a leader doing the work, YOU are committing to:

✓ being a partner for change,

✓ using your voice for marginalized groups, &

✓ centering racial equity in your leadership + organization

You are committing to DO BETTER. 



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