Helping organizations in creating anti-racist D.E.I. business functions & programs.

Build your company’s D.E.I. strategy and function so that it leads to transformational, inclusive change for all.


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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives should be integrated as a core business function of any organization.

Often times though it becomes an afterthought or stalls after am initial commitment statement has been created. How do we change this?

…By investing in the building foundational D.E.I. programs that are lead to actual change.

…By engaging in learning spaces that go beyond traditional D.E.I. approaches and push for building business functions that are anti-racist, inclusive, and non-complacent.

…By supporting D.E.I. leaders in building systems and tools that shift the entire organization to center D.E.I. work.

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Picture this:

A year from now, you’re experiencing an increase in retention of your team and clients, especially those who have been traditionally marginalized because your business practices have become more inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist. 

You’ve created a D.E.I. strategy that goes well beyond a company statement and its footprints can be seen throughout your organization.

Your entire team is aligned on your core D.E.I. beliefs and how to continue building an anti-racist, inclusive company culture.

Your clients have increased and diversified because of the work you are doing to make your business more inclusive.

This is the work we are here to do right alongside you.

You’re wasting time every day because you don’t have a clear D.E.I. strategy and are continually getting stuck trying to search for how to create one. The lack of progress is impacting your business, your team, and your culture. You know the importance of embedding D.E.I. into your business, but you aren’t sure where to start and it’s costing you time, money, and team/client retention.

We can help with that.


Our foundational, on-demand course designed to teach you the fundamentals of engaging in anti-racist, D.E.I. work.


Build an anti-racist D.E.I. business function for your organization in our signature, one-year program.


Build or redesign your organization’s D.E.I. council in our  12-week intensive.

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