We shift DEI from an afterthought to actively embedded in the core of an organization’s operational, leadership, people, and cultural practices.

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The best way to show your employees that you care, is to take action to make their working environment moreequitable.|antiracist.|diverse.|inclusive.

In practice. In systems. In culture. 

Sound complicated? It can be…but it doesn’t have to be.

It can be the most important work an organization can do to create a better workplace…and it can be fun too!

I’m Dynasti Hunt Harris, Founder + CEO of The Shift®. My team and I are here to help you shift your workspace from simply well-intentioned D.E.I. spaces that don’t lead to actual action and change to measurably equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist ones that lead to transformational systems and better workplaces.

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3 Ways to Level Up Your D.E.I. Council

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