Helping organizations implement anti-racist business strategies that lead to real change for their teams & workplaces.

It’s time to get beyond the traditional approach of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and instead, actively shift into workspaces where addressing power, advantage, and structural inequities lead to transformational change for yourself, your organization, and your business industry.

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You choose: good, busy D.E.I. work or strategic, transformational equity practices

No matter if you are an organization of 5 people or 5,000, the work to build a truly equitable and inclusive organization is critical to your company’s success long-term. And in order to build and sustain a workplace where everyone feels safe and included, it’s time we got beyond the foundational, corporate approach to D.E.I. and instead focused on…

…Shifting to investing in implementing equity & inclusive strategies that lead to actual change.

…Shifting to engaging in collaborative learning spaces that go beyond traditional, corporate D.E.I. approaches and push for building business functions that are anti-racist, inclusive, and safe for marginalized voices.

…Shifting to work that address how power, privilege, gatekeeping, and structural inequities can lead to harmful workplaces if left unchecked.

Want to see change actually happen? It’s time to shift.

Why Work With Us

  • Centering Marginalized Voices
  • Collaborative Design Thinking
  • Connecting Goals+Priorities+Business Vision
  • Implementation+ Mentoring
  • Real Conversations
  • Shifting the Narrative
  • Sustain Beyond Us

Our services and coaches have helped organizations across the non-profit and for-profit industries implement equity and inclusion strategies that get beyond the surface and address the root changes that need to occur.

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Picture this:

A year from now, you’re experiencing an increase in retention of your team and clients, especially those who have been traditionally marginalized because your business practices have become more inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist. 

You’ve created a D.E.I. strategy that goes well beyond a company statement and its footprints can be seen throughout your organization.

Your entire team is aligned on your core D.E.I. beliefs and how to continue building an anti-racist, inclusive company culture.

Your clients have increased and diversified because of the work you are doing to make your business more inclusive.

This is the work we are here to do right alongside you.

You’re wasting time every day because you don’t have a clear D.E.I. strategy and are continually getting stuck trying to search for how to create one. The lack of progress is impacting your business, your team, and your culture. You know the importance of embedding D.E.I. into your business, but you aren’t sure where to start and it’s costing you time, money, and team/client retention.

We can help with that.

Our Organization Solutions

“It’s time we have the real conversations and do real work that doesn’t leave us at the end of the day questioning if it changed how people continue to be harmed by our traditional business systems and practices. We need to go there, push ourselves and each other to address the institutional and structural inequities persisting in our workplaces and change them… for good.”

 The Business Accelerator 

Our signature, one-year program for organizations of all sizes and industries that is designed to help you implement anti-racist, D.E.I. strategies that lead to meaningful change in your business practices. The Accelerator is open to all applications year-round for varying start dates.

Custom Organization Consulting

Custom organization consulting and coaching packages designed for organizations who are beyond the foundational approaches of implementing D.E.I. strategies and are ready for collaborative partners that can push them to the next level. Note: there are limited # of teams we support each year.

Our New Initiative: The G.O. Collective

The G.O. Collective will provide free one-to-one mentorship and learning accelerators for Black Leaders looking to grow in the for-profit and non-profit spaces. We believe in investing back in our own community and want Black people to carve their own career pathways that lead to building generational impact and this starts with investments of education, mentorship, and community. Our first learning accelerator will launch Fall 2022.

We are currently in a collaborative build phase in which we are looking for input from individuals to help define what would would make our program most beneficial to you. Interested in participating and sharing your thoughts? Please send an email to with the title “Collaborative Design: The G.O. Initiative.” We will be reaching out to schedule paid, focus community spaces beginning in January 2022. You must identify as Black and be willing to participate in one, 45-minute virtual session.

Interested in financially supporting the initiative or potentially becoming a coach for the program? Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved!

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