Dynasti Hunt
Dynasti Hunt
Group Fitness Coach and Mentor, San Francisco, CA

Build a Career in Group Fitness You Love.



And then thought immediately, no I couldn’t.

……I don’t have the time.

…..I don’t have the knowledge.

….I don’t have a clue where to start.


Maybe you’ve thought about it, took a big leap and then realized

…..I don’t know how to lead my classes.

……I don’t know how to elevate my classes to the next level.

…..I don’t know how to embrace myself in my classes.

You’ve come to the right place because it’s time all of this changed….in the name of sweat.

Welcome to a community that is committed to helping you embrace your own sweat journey and build a career in group fitness that you love.

Let’s sweat!


learn to Embrace Your Own personal sweat Story.

The most important part of your fitness journey? YOU. Your personal story allows for you to understand what drives, inspires, and motivates you to be able to embrace all of you, sweat and all. Explore tools that will help you both uncover and tell your story in the most authentic way possible. And it’s not just about the workouts you like to do. It’s about digging deeper, sharing your inner story and journey that celebrates YOU in an inclusive way that helps you embrace and own your sweat story…past, present, and future.

Build the group fitness Career of Your Dreams.

Once you’ve embraced your own narrative, it’s time to understand how your story can help build a group fitness career that you’ll love! Unpack your own career aspirations in the fitness and wellness space and learn how to turn your passion and story into a sweat worthy career. Whether you’re looking to embark into the group fitness space as a full-time instructor, side-hustle instructor, or committed influencer, this program teaches you how to launch your career and nail your very first audition.

Become a Badass group Fitness boss and leader.

Let’s be clear: this is where things get FUN and HARD. It’s a different level when you’re ready to evolve from a Fitness Instructor to a Fitness Boss, ready to make an impact and positively disrupt the space both in front of clients…. and well beyond your favorite cool-down song. Become a part of a community that helps you understand how to take your classes to the next level while simultaneously building strategies that that celebrates diversity, personal stories, and positive impact in and out of the studio.


Ready to become a Leader in Group Fitness?