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Dynasti is an award winning Talent and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader, committed to redesigning workplaces with a centered racial-equity lense. Dynasti has inspired leadership teams, organizations, and learning spaces through a speaking approach that blends real talk with education and action-oriented storytelling. Her approach is to bring her audience into conversation that pushes them to move beyond a space of listening and learning to one of meaningful action.

Dynasti is a member of the national Forbes HR Council, a certified Associate Diversity Coach and serves on the Board of Directors of The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) as well as the Advisory Board of Hella Social Impact. Her work has been highlighted In Cosmopolitan, FastCompany, Forbes, and Well and Good.

Available to speak for:

Company Events, Panels, & Conferences

Company D.E.I. Employee Resource Groups, Councils, & Committees

Online Digital Communities & Podcasts

Signature Keynote Topics

Breaking the Myth of Imposter Syndrome as a Diverse Woman in the Workplace

How to move beyond fear and into a place of claiming your worth, your seat, and your being in the workplace.

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Letting Go of White Comfort in Your Business

Why it’s critical to move beyond centering whiteness in your diversity and inclusion initiatives in order to realize real change.

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The Case for Racial Equity

Understanding the history of racial inequity, why it matters to your business today, and how to shift from corporate diversity and inclusion approaches to one that centers equity across your business practices.

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Pro-Black in the Workplace

Understanding the history of anti-Blackness in the business space and why Pro-Blackness should be a part of your anti-racism journey.

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From Acknowledgement to Action

How to move from a space of learning to developing a concrete action plan to address racial inequities in your work.

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Making Your Online Business Inclusive

Even as an individual entrepreneur with no team, there is still significant action your business can take to be truly inclusive. Learn the 5 areas to start with.

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