Let’s talk about what’s possible

(in individuals + in the workplace)

As a CEO and business leadership coach with over 15 years of experience, I’m on a mission to speak to Impact leaders, especially Black and Brown business owners, leaders, and professionals who are ready to unlock their potential in the professional world.

Whether you’re looking to grow to the next level in your corporate job or unlock new growth in your business, I’m here to help you find new ways to own your voice and the skills only you can bring to the table. As a speaker and a coach, I can work 1:1 or with a larger group of professionals of color to demonstrate how leaders of color can share their impact in the workplace.

I also speak about DEI — but not the DEI you have come to know and mistrust.

DEI is all about centering people at the center of what we’re doing, whether it’s creating policy, building a team, or driving growth. When an organization says we “want to focus on DEI,” they’re removing people from the equation and instead boiling their “inclusion efforts” down to a glorified checklist.

This happens in the workplace. It happens in media. It happens in our communities. DEI is about the people — and their stories. I’d love to share them with you and your organization or audience.

Let’s refocus the lens and talk about people

I’ve spoken at dozens of conferences, summits, and events about the importance of strong, diverse leadership and the power putting people first — and finding ways to center people at the core of everything you do. 

In each presentation, I’ve shared my strategies for curating:

  • Black and Brown voices + diverse perspectives in the workplace
  • authentic leadership
  • building your own career table
  • equitable practices
  • feedback loops
  • and system-shifting policy change

Most of all, I focus on the stories that matter when we want to create real change. It’s not just about elevating certain voices (although that can be important). It’s about creating spaces where every voice is heard and reflected. 

Want me to speak at your upcoming event?

If you’re looking for a leadership coach, a motivational speaker, or a DEI-centered coach for your mastermind, membership, or corporate event, let’s chat!

I am available for both virtual and in-person speaking opportunities. 

You can inquire at hello@taydenimpact.com for more information or download my media kit below:

Want to connect with me?

While most of my day-to-day work is now done at Tayden Impact Partners, you can also find me speaking about business leadership, embedding DEI in organizational culture, and more on…

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