No Longer “Suffering in Silence”

Jun 21, 2021

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of The Black Compass! This week, we discussed a topic near and dear to us. Black women have to carry so many mental, emotional, and physical burdens that it can often be overwhelming. The stereotypes attached to black women are often unwarranted and mentally tax us in ways that can cause long-lasting damage. Being able to find support and safe spaces to allow us to emotionally heal and grow is difficult and they can be hard to find.

This week, we focus on how to find and create these spaces in our lives so we won’t have our voices silenced. It is important to cultivate trusted relationships we can look to in order to be heard and valued.

Episode Highlights

  • Stereotype of “having it all together”
  • Finding support and safe spaces
  • Fighting “suffering in silence” stigma
  • Making your voice heard
  • Importance of building trust


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